Word a Week Challenge: Face

Sue Llewellyn who writes an outstanding photography blog “A Word in Your Ear” has a Word a Week Challenge that you can access here: http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com

Each week, in response to the post, bloggers find some of their best representations for the selected word.  Although I’m not a great photographer, I love capturing people and places wherever I travel.

This week, I couldn’t resist joining the posts with pictures of people I saw in Nepal when my husband and I worked through Habitat for Humanity to build two stone and mud homes near Kathmandu.

We visited a school in Tinpiple, and these two girls watched us from the door of their classroom.  Dressed in work clothes and heavy boots, we must have been quite a sight to see!


These two children watched us as we boarded the bus.  One wide-eyed little girl stole my heart with her fascination for who we were and what we were doing, but her companion wasn’t nearly as thrilled at the idea of posing for a picture!


A mother and her four daughters served us lunch each day at their restaurant.  Their faces were always a welcome sight because we got a glimpse into their family and how they worked together to serve us broiled chicken, cooked rice, and hot tea.


This man, the head stonecutter for the house we built, examined many rocks before finding the exact one he needed for the cornerstones.  If he didn’t find the right one, he painstakingly cut a rock to fit.  Although we spoke different languages, our face-to-face contact helped us forge a bond across the cultural divide.


There were so many children that I could have scooped up and taken home.  With huge brown eyes and a winsome smile, this little girl was one we photographed over and over.


At the dedication of the house we built, the homeowners’ daughter came dressed for the occasion.  Her face — full of hope and happiness — made the whole trip worthwhile!




12 thoughts on “Word a Week Challenge: Face

  1. David

    A very nice photoset.

    The not-so-sure boy brings a smile to the face. But your portrait of the stonecutter, that’s a top-notch quality photo. In my book, it rivals any photo taken by the best known names in photography.

    1. Rusha Sams

      Thanks sooooo much!!! I love the picture of that stonecutter also. And he was so gracious to let me move in closely for the shot. Appreciate your comment!

  2. Cathy Dunn

    Dear Rusha I enjoy your travel blog very much, through you I get to enjoy places and their people that I would have not been able to do. Keep ’em coming Cathy Dunn

  3. Smallb art.

    Hey, Mom and I met you at the Knoxville Museum of Art. I really enjoyed chatting with you about the Hermitage in Russia and all the other places you have been. I really like your blog. Thanks for telling me about it.
    Carrie-Ellen and Debbie.

    1. Rusha Sams

      Absolutely loved meeting you. Both of my portraits are awaiting a frame or something appropriate to get them up so all can see! They’re great!!! Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting!!!

  4. Sharon Frankenberg

    What a delightful article. So glad you are sharing your memories of our trip to Nepal. Unforgettable.

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