Travel bliss destination: Prague & Germany

Prague's Astronomical Clock

This week, Lindy LeCoq posed a challenge in Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #175: Follow Your Bliss: find and describe something that makes us blissfully happy. Without a doubt, the two of us agree: Travel in or out of the U.S. has become a passion for us. With an upcoming trip later this week (our first one out of the country in two years) to Prague and Germany on Viking’s Christmas Along the Elbe, we’re celebrating the joy of seeing new people, places and things.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

Gustave Flaubert

The bliss of taking a cruise with Viking comes in many forms — from the delightful guides who share some of the best a city has to offer to group tours showcasing famous art and architecture.

Although we’ve visited Prague before, this trip will certainly be different. First, it will be a colder journey. But from the photo below advertising the trip, we’re hoping that we, too, will see Prague in the snow while enjoying hot chocolate or mulled wine along the way.

Hoping to see Prague in the snow: a sight to make anyone feel blissful! (Credit:

We’ll be searching Old Town for familiar churches, stately buildings, and commemorative statues.

Old Town Prague statues and buildings
Statue of Jan Hus in Old Town Square, Prague

And revisiting the Jewish Cemetery for another glimpse of markers all askance.

Jewish Cemetery, Prague
Jewish Cemetery, Prague

Our eyes will be searching for other sites like the view of red roofs so typical of the area — maybe with a dusting of snow this time.

Rooftops of Prague
Red roofs of Prague

Or another shot at the Astronomical Clock in Prague’s Old Town Square, shown in the photo at the top.

It’s also a time to see something new: Germany. As advertised, the cruise along the Elbe promised Christmas markets in the towns of Dresden, Meissen, Wittenberg, Potsdam, and Berlin. But recent shutdowns due to outbreaks of Covid-19 have us re-routed. We’re now scheduled to see Decin, Dessau, and Magdeburg.

If those of us with a passion for travel have learned anything, it’s how to pivot (a favorite word now popularized by the pandemic) and follow our bliss in new ways. So we’re on to new towns, new adventures.

Pivoting isn’t Plan B; it’s part of the process.

Jeff Goins

We’re packed and ready for anything. If the Christmas markets in Germany are unavailable, we’ll just take more pictures. And maybe hang out on the veranda looking at new ports, new sites, and blissfully colorful ways of life wherever our cruise takes us.

Sunrise in Crete, Viking Ancient Lands cruise
Sunrise from the balcony of our Viking ship in the port of Crete

As we follow our passion for travel, we hope to snap new photos to share in the coming winter months. May each of you find your bliss and make it your own — even with modifications.

Travel blissfully,

Rusha & Bert

For more entries and what makes bloggers feel blissful, head to Lindy Low LeCoq’s post. You’ll find lots to love there.

52 thoughts on “Travel bliss destination: Prague & Germany

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      It was a last-minute decision, but a good one. What we didn’t see coming was the Omicron strain. A lot of people cancelled, leaving us with just 53 folks on board. But a little more personal attention can’t be all bad, right?

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  2. WanderingCanadians

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! I visited Prague a few years ago during the spring and had such an amazing time. I bet it looks absolutely beautiful covered in a light dusting of snow too. Safe travels.

  3. Rebecca Cuningham

    I adore the look of the Astronomical Clock! If my experience in the Nuremberg Christmas market is any example, you will have a wonderful time in the the German markets. I still have the hand crafted straw ornaments (from the late 1980s) that we put on our tree every year.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I am worried. In fact, I thought Viking might just cancel the trip. We only have a couple more hours at home before departing, but we’re ready to go or stay. I’ll be so glad when we’re all relatively healthy again.

  4. Ana

    Prague and Berlin are on my to-do list. In my city this year the Christmas market is already prepared, I think they will open it next week, if all goes well. Enjoy and take care of yourself a lot.

      1. Wandering Dawgs

        Oh no! Good luck! Maybe Viking will change the itinerary. We are booked on a Viking Ocean ship in January. They made major changes to our itinerary two weeks ago.

  5. Lindy Le Coq

    Your excitement at the upcoming adventure shines through your words and photos. I love the red roofs of Prague photo and hope you see some snow on this during this journey. Your healthy attitude about pivoting and embracing whatever comes your way is a lesson for all of us! Cheers.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much, Lindy. Would you believe we are re-evaluating this trip after the WHO has recommended no travel to the Czech Republic? S ray tuned. We may be shopping the Christmas markets in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  6. justbluedutch

    Your photos ae wonderful, so inviting.
    Goodluck on your journey. Too bad Christmas mabrkets are cancelled over here in the south Germany due to rising infections. I hope you still have a fabulous time despite the changes.

  7. Teresa

    Oh Rusha…so happy for you. There’s something more magical at going to a place for the second time around. What more if it’s Prague. I am jealous. Enjoy the Christmas markets.

  8. Tina Schell

    Well of course I’m insanely jealous that you’re off again Rusha – we are not quite there yet. We loved Prague as I know you did so I have no doubt your journey will be wonderful. I do so hope you get some lovely snow on those red roofs and I hear the Christmas Bazaars are marvelous. I look forward to seeing your post-trip images!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Here’s hoping we’re out and about and fingers don’t freeze. We’re also searching for a place to secure Covid tests!!! (Required). Travel is a bit different now, but wanderlust is winning out!!!

  9. Pit

    I like your quotation from Flaubert very much. Very apt to a travel blog. It reminds me of Mark Twain’s quote I have on my “Bilderbuch Blog” []: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.”

      1. Pit

        I totally agree. All the more it’s really a pity that Covid now limits travelling so much. We become more and more ensconced in our personal bubble.

  10. Toonsarah

    I’m happy you have a trip coming up to look forward to! We’re just back from Seville, it was super to be able to fly again at last 😀 I love your quote about pivoting – I think it’s always been important while travelling and now more than ever!

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