Rows of fall-colored shrubs snugged up to majestic mountains. Somewhere in Utah.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

Perhaps anywhere you travel out West you’ll see layers of beauty, but Utah is our latest state to visit where seeing overlapping beauty truly became the norm.  If you’ve ever crested a hill while driving a scenic highway, you know the ah-ha moment when you catch your breath and say, “Oh, my gosh!” or something […]

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Valley of hoodoos -- Bryce Canyon National Park

Hoodoo you love? Bryce Canyons National Park

To say that each of the national parks in Utah is unique wouldn’t be an untrue statement at all.  But we wondered, before we actually traveled there, how could rock in one park in the same state be so different from that in another park? Arches has well, its arches, of course. Canyonlands has not […]

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A lone photographer focuses on the unique structures at Bryce.

Fog can be a good thing: Bryce Canyon National Park

Sometimes getting your hopes up while traveling can only lead to a let-down.  From Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, we drove west along Utah Highway 12 hoping to arrive at The Lodge at Bryce Canyon before sundown to catch a glimpse of hoodoos at dusk. At the lodge, we didn’t unload the car or check in.  Instead, […]

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Ribbons of color at Grand Staircase-Escalante

An elemental expanse: Grand Staircase Escalante

If you’re thinking Grand Staircase-Escalante is just another Out West pass-through, pretty place, think again.  With over 1.9 million acres of vast wilderness, Grand Staircase-Escalante amazes you with its grandeur, formations, and ribbons of color unlike any you see at other national parks. Since the Escalante River area was one of the last in America to […]

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Highs and lows at Canyonlands National Park

Look up, look down: The highs and lows at Canyonlands

When friends knew we were embarking on a tour of Utah’s national parks, several told us, “Each park is different!”  And we remember thinking that red rocks are red rocks, so surely that’s not true.  But one mile into Canyonlands assured us it was.  Our first stop, Arches, wowed us with carved-by-the-wind openings and unimaginable vistas. […]

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