A quiet garden path dappled in morning light invites guests to climb and explore.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence in a Garden

Although much of the U. S. (especially in the South) is blanketed with snow this week, many of us are dreaming of gardens lush and lovely.¬† Last spring, in Knoxville, one homeowner opened his garden during the Dogwood Arts Festival¬†garden tour.¬† It was a chance for those of us who love flora and fauna to […]

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The tulips at Cherokee: Dogwood Arts 2015

Knoxville’s Dogwood Arts Festival isn’t only about art.  It’s about the beauty of the area, too. And sometimes it’s right under your nose. We pass by Cherokee Country Club on Lyons View Pike almost daily.  And sometimes, not all the time, we note what’s planted in the flowerbeds by the street.  Last year, a profusion […]

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