Rows of fall-colored shrubs snugged up to majestic mountains. Somewhere in Utah.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

Perhaps anywhere you travel out West you’ll see layers of beauty, but Utah is our latest state to visit where seeing overlapping beauty truly became the norm.  If you’ve ever crested a hill while driving a scenic highway, you know the ah-ha moment when you catch your breath and say, “Oh, my gosh!” or something […]

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Capitol Dome at Capitol Reef National Park

Reach out and touch Capitol Reef

If you’ve visited Arches or Canyonlands national parks, then you’ve experienced some of America’s most beautiful scenery, thanks to careful planning and highway engineering.  Both of these parks lead you down paved roads to well-marked parking areas positioned in range of natural monuments you’ve always wanted to see — like Double Arch, Delicate Arch, and […]

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