Adding beauty: Christmas markets in Hannover, Germany

First, we apologize for posting photos of Christmas markets we saw in December 2021 in January 2022, but with the frenzy of the season upon us when we returned from this Viking cruise – Christmas Along the Elbe — and then with an unexpected New Year’s trip to our beloved beach destination, Pawleys Island, we’re just now joining the blogosphere for ’22.

But after being overwhelmed by the beauty of the stalls and the quality of goods for sale at the German markets (like the ones we published first of Dessau and Magdeburg), we’re ready to share memories of a couple more with you . . . even if they are a bit late.

Hannover (German spelling), Germany, really knows how to do Christmas! In fact, the market stalls in and around the venerable Market Church were some of our favorites of the river cruise along the Elbe.

Market Church in Hannover, Germany
Christmas stalls surround historic Market Church in Hannover, Germany

Most outstanding for us — other than the quality of goods — was the decor of the stalls: some topped with fresh greens of the season, others with special add-ons from Christian nativity scenes to secular Santas with reindeer.

Markets in Hannover were added at the last minute by Viking when some of the scheduled markets (like Dresden) were cancelled due to Covid outbreaks. We can only imagine what we missed!

What was inside the stalls was equally notable. From handmade brushes to cloth neck warmers, Hannover’s goods were meant to be bought and shared with folks back home. (We brought an extra suitcase just for shopping, so we had to buy. Right?)

Brushes for sale in Hannover, Germany Christmas market
From little to big, brushes for everyone!
Cookies decorated for sale in Hannover, Germany
You could even get cookies personalized.
OK. We didn’t bring sausages home in our suitcase . . . but we wanted to!

After making our purchases, we gathered with other cruise guests and lined up for more gluhwein (mulled wine) in take-home souvenir mugs.

Brauhaus in Hannover, Germany
Free gluhwein, compliments of Viking River Cruises. (And you get to keep the mugs!)

For these and other reasons — festive stalls; unique, homemade goods; friendly salespeople; and a setting among historic buildings — we loved the Christmas markets in Hannover.

And we have one more market to share in our next post: Berlin!

Homemade goods in Hannover, Germany Christmas market
Loving our homemade neck warmer from this booth filled with cloth creations.

We’re hoping that Covid cases will subside this year so ALL markets along the Elbe will be ready for business in December of 2022! If they’re open, book a trip early! And bring that extra suitcase.

Travel warmly,

Rusha & Bert

25 thoughts on “Adding beauty: Christmas markets in Hannover, Germany

  1. Jane Lurie

    Such fun to see, Rusha. I bet you’re wearing that neck warmer on Pawley’s. It sounds unusually cold in SC! Wishing you and Bert many fun adventures in the year ahead. 🙂

  2. Amy

    I can only imagine the joyfulness of visiting there through the cruise. Thank you for taking us there through your beautiful photos. 🙂

  3. Bama

    In recent years, Jakarta has seen a fair share of Christmas markets popping up across the city. The setting is of course tropical, and they look nothing like the ones in Germany like this one in Hannover. I’d love to experience the festive atmosphere of Christmas market like depicted in your photo — cold but full of lights and happiness. Speaking of mulled wine, it was only in December 2020 when I finally tried it and I loved it! Look forward to the other market in Berlin.


    Rusha, I could never get tired of your Christmas markets. They’re so enticing! And Hanover is such a beautiful city. I can’t wait to see Berlin. When we lived there we were gone over the holidays and missed them. ~Terri

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We love the whole idea of Christmas markets. They actually bring people together during the coldest season, and everyone gets to experience the craftsmanship of food, drink, and homemade goods. It’s also a great way to get people downtown, something we’ve sort of lost with our patronage of suburban malls. I’d love to go again!

  5. Toonsarah

    Those stalls are really pretty. They remind me of ones I saw at the market in Karlsruhe a few years ago. We get German Christmas markets in the UK these days but they don’t have the variety of goods and are rarely so elaborately decorated!

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