Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #158: Along Back Country Roads

Faded red barn, North Carolina

This week’s LAPC challenge by Beth of Wandering Dawgs comes at just the right time: We’re beginning to travel again! But with that decision, we’ve decided on a different path: We’ll navigate side roads only. That’s right. We’re avoiding the interstate and cruising through small towns, past farmland and fences, and waving at cows, farmers on tractors, and fields of corn. It’s summertime in the country.

I’d rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.

George Washington

And, oh, the places and sites we see! From the weathered North Carolina barn at the top of this post to the country residences you can rent at Mast Farm Inn in Valle Crucis. Our travel along back country roads offers fresh air and scenes of past times and simpler lives. It really does make you want to sit a spell and stay a while.

Log house with red chairs, North Carolina
Rental cabin at Mast General Farm, Valle Crucis, NC
Two country buildings, Valle Crucis, NC
Two weathered barns in Valle Crucis, North Carolina
Country porch with red chair - North Carolina
Simple pleasures of relaxing on a side porch, feeling the breeze.

Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

So join us on the back roads. Roll down those windows, look for barns and country homes, and settle in for pretty scenery and great faces!

Cows at Pebble Hall Wildflowers, VA
Maryland cows starin’ right back at us!
Main road in Monhegan - pleasantly untouched.
It’s a country road but also the main road on Maine’s Monhegan Island.

Thanks again to Beth of Wandering Dawgs for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #158. If you’d like to contribute to the challenge, just link your post to hers and add the Lens-Artists “tag.”

Next week, join Ana Campo of Anvica’s Gallery for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #159. Her theme will be “Postcards.”

Until then . . . take the country roads whenever you can.

Rusha & Bert

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #158: Along Back Country Roads

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  2. Amy

    These photos are not only beautifully captured, but also tell wonderful stories. Thank you, Rusha for taking us there. 🙂

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. We love country roads, old barns, and yes, a few cows!!! We’re at Pawleys this week. Hope you can get a shot of the blood moon. I’m terrible at photographing anything celestial.

  3. Pat

    A wonderful collection. We more frequently use back roads when traveling because there is so much of interest to see.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I’m definitely a sucker for old barns. Bert pulls over whenever we think we can get a good shot, but I’m also afraid that someday someone will come out of the house and start shouting at me!!! Caution comes first, I guess.

  4. Toonsarah

    I love those old weathered wooden buildings like the barn and cabin ❤ And how lovely to include a quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder – I grew up with her books and they helped to shape my interest in and love of the US landscapes 🙂

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. We love back roads, and our state of Tennessee and the neighboring one, North Carolina, have side roads, country scenes, and old things in numerous places. Fun to see always!

  5. Wandering Dawgs

    Great post! You have beautifully captured the country roads.The old buildings and cows are wonderful! We are with you on taking the side roads. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Loved this challenge and love those country roads. I sometimes wish I had grown up in a rural setting because later in life I realize how much I love that landscape, the people, and even the cows. This was quite the good challenge!!!

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