Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #127: Precious Moments

Cinque Terre -- Manarola

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Amy, whose unique blog The World Is a Book, set the topic this week with two key words: Precious Moments. And since Bert and I will be celebrating our 53rd Wedding Anniversary on December 27th of this year, we’re reflecting on just a few of our many precious moments and good times.

Our wedding portrait, Dec. 27, 1967

One constant in our marriage is a love of travel even if we just took short trips to visit our parents, attended an out-of-town football game, or combined business with pleasure. But little did we know when we married how many precious moments would create the patchwork of interesting times, people, and places that is our life together.

Like the time we climbed hundreds of steps in 105-degree weather to gaze at a sight we’d only seen in books — the town of Manarola in Cinque Terre, Italy (pictured above) — and, almost as if we had rehearsed it, said to each other, “Can you believe we’re here? Finally here?”

Another precious moment? The day we stood on the steps of NR. 125, an elementary school in Bucharest, Romania, with a team of Habitat for Humanity volunteers from the U. S. and our leaders (on the first row) from Bucharest. We were smiling: tired but proud to have renovated a building, making it safe for kids who would be arriving for school in just a few weeks.

Habitat for Humanity workers, Bucharest, Romania

In another year with yet another group of Habitat workers, we took time after building a concrete house in Lesotho to go on safari at The River Lodge at Thornybush Game Reserve near Kruger National Park. Just imagine the precious moment as our Jeep came to a stop, putting us face-to-face with this majestic king of beasts. (I could hold my breath and refrain from speaking, but I couldn’t silence the camera clicks. Yes, nervous!)

Lion at Thornybush River Lodge, South Africa

Equally majestic was this face as well — one of four facing north, south, east, and west — on the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu. As we walked the perimeter of one of the grandest stupas in Nepal, we barely spoke to one another, respectful of the Buddhist pilgrims joyful at finally reaching their long-awaited destination and the priests unrolling their mats, kneeling, and bowing to say the prayers of their faith.

Boudhanath Stupa outside Kathmandu, Nepal

Not all precious moments occurred in full light. One October morning when almost no tourists could be found on Monhegan Island, Maine, we left our bed-and-breakfast, sauntered past clapboard houses in the dark, and stood alone as pinkish light, pale and early, bathed the lighthouse with ribbonlike colors of dawn. I was indeed a special morning in Maine.

Greeting the sun at the Monhegan Island lighthouse

But for all the places in the world, the people, buildings and famous sites, there are still no moments more precious than the ones we’ve spent with family. Whether we’re home in Knoxville with our “kids” (OK, they’re grown, but we still call them “kids”), on a sandy beach together or just rocking our granddaughter, our best moments are with the ones we love.

Grandmother and granddaughter (age 2)
Still a precious moment: Holding our granddaughter Whitley eleven years ago!

May you, too, share many precious moments with the people you hold dear.

Rusha and Bert

If you would like to read about more Special Moments, head to Amy’s blog, The World Is a Book. And if you’d like to add your post to the list, be sure to link here and add the Lens-Artists tag.

31 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #127: Precious Moments

  1. pattimoed

    What a wonderful retrospective of precious moments, Rusha. I love the wedding photo and the one with you and your granddaughter. Your shot of Cinque Terre is terrific, too! Have a wonderful anniversary and a joyful 2021.

  2. Leya

    Thank you for sharing some wonderful precious moments! And Happy Anniversary! So many years – we have reached 42 and think that is much – but you beat us thoroughly! Love you and your grandchild, Rusha. Love is shining around you!

  3. Tina Schell

    Beautiful post Rusha – your world travels are wonderful but nothing beats that image of you with your granddaughter! They grow up so darned fast, don’t they? Mine turned 14 this year….sigh. Congrats on your anniversary – wow 53 years! Kudos to you both.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      That little granddaughter is now 11 going on 18! And she wants “big girl” gifts for Christmas! Where DID that time go? Thanks for always reading and commenting. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Toonsarah

    It’s wonderful to see some of the special moments from your travels. We too loved the Cinque Terre and I’m always very happy to see big cats in the wild 🙂 But I’m yet to visit Kathmandu – your experience there sounds especially precious!

  5. Amy

    Thank you, Rusha for sharing your precious moment with us. I love your beautiful wedding photo and granddaughter. I remember the images of your humanity volunteering works. I admire all the works you have contributed for these places.

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