Houses (plus one!) of St. Michaels — Road Trip 2020

Front porch of home in St. Michaels MD

For those following our blog, you already know that we love houses. We’ve even been known to drive leisurely through towns, down side streets and back roads just to get a glimpse of how and where people live . . . as we showed you in our posts on Georgetown, SC and Annapolis, MD.

So, one morning in St. Michaels, MD, we left our Kemp House Cottage (one of the Old Brick Inn properties) to get a bit of exercise and take a peek at the houses on our street. As we strolled along the sidewalk, we could picture people living there, enjoying wide front porches and comfy chairs, waving at other residents in the mornings or evenings, or working in their yards to change out seasonal flowers. A seemingly great life in one of our favorite towns on the Eastern Shore.

Admittedly, homes were similar: white clapboard or red brick construction with maybe only a colorful door to distinguish one from another on the street.

But not so at the bend in the road: Coastal Elites made our day! A little bit of Bohemia right there in St. Michaels — vivid greens, an eclectic mix of signs, pots filled to overflowing with summer plants, and a grand, leaning umbrella. What’s not to love?

Coastal Elites, St. Michaels MD

And then, beyond the green splendor: a covered bridge!

Placard, Bill Shook Memorial Bridge, St. Michaels MD

An unexpected, pedestrian-only bridge appeared right beyond a lake surrounded by native plants just begging for walkers and joggers to come closer.

And we did.

Bill Shook Memorial Bridge, St. Michaels, MD

We took in this bridge from a distance and then up close. And what we saw was a neighborhood with a very special “plus one”: an interesting addition to the usual jogging path and a welcome place for taking in the quiet of an early morning in St. Michaels.

View from Bill Shook Memorial Bridge, St. Michaels MD
A pleasant walk with a pleasant view from Bill Shook Memorial Bridge.

Travel quaintly,

Rusha and Bert

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26 thoughts on “Houses (plus one!) of St. Michaels — Road Trip 2020

  1. Dan Antion

    I love the style of those houses, and you’re right about the doors being a point of distinction. I also really enjoyed the photos of the bridge. Thanks for including that.

  2. Teresa

    Oh wow, this is one great walk. Thanks for taking us along, as these Eastern Shore houses fascinates me. So different from the houses here in my part of the world.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      And I never know from one trip to the next what will be my primary takeaway!! I love seeing how people live and sometimes imagine myself in a different setting. Just the joy of travel, I suppose. Thanks so much for following and commenting. It makes blogging fun!

  3. Amy

    Enjoyed taking a walk to see these beautiful houses, Rusha. Love the porches. Love the covered bridge, beautifully captured.

  4. Toonsarah

    These houses are beautiful! We don’t have front porches like that here in England – our porches are tiny functional spaces for shelter as you unlock the door or wait to be admitted. I love the sociability of being able to sit out on an evening and feel still on your own patch but able to greet neighbours. It must help to boost community spirit!

      1. Toonsarah

        Ah, if only I lived in a manor house or cottage! Although actually I love our little Victorian terrace (you would say ‘row house’ I think) in our London suburb. I’m a city girl really 😀

      2. Oh, the Places We See

        I’d LOVE to live in a London. So much to do and see. Then get out to the country every now and then. London is one of my favorite cuties, and I’ve only seen bits and pieces. Would love a month-long stay!

      3. Toonsarah

        Don’t get me wrong, I love London! I’ve lived here almost all my life and yet there’s still always something new to discover or do 🙂

  5. scooj

    Some beautiful buildings there, and so very different in style and construction from houses in the UK. Coastal elites wins the day for me.

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