Discover Prompt 14: Books for Sale

When we look back on the mandated stay-at-home orders issued by most states in the U. S. to avert the pandemic, we may remember the books we read as a means of keeping our sanity. Perhaps these are books we’ve been yearning to read, books given to us as gifts, or books gathered from used book sales like our Annual Used Book Sale in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Books for Sale from Friends of the Knox Co. Public Library

Friends of the Knox County Public Library stages a massive book sale each spring, but, like most events in our area, the 2020 event has been put on hold with a tentative date in June. While most of us wish the book sale had preceded the stay-at-home period (if only we could have seen this coming!), we all look forward to the sale — whenever it happens — to replenish our book supply and feed the souls of us who live with books on a regular basis. (In fact, you may be cleaning out your own bookshelves with the goal of donating books for a local sale in your area.)

Sorting, stacking, and moving boxes of books to the Annual Used Book Sale

Book sales don’t just happen. It takes a year, at least, to prepare. From digging through bags of donations, to sorting and boxing, and then to moving heavy boxes to the sale location — putting on a good book sale is hard work!

Filling the van to transport books to the Jacob Building

Book categories include Fiction, Non-fiction, History, Home Decor, Special Collections, Children’s, Young Adult, and Old and Odd (kinda like us!).

Something else you can count on: when the tables at the Jacob Building in Chilhowee Park are all set, Friends volunteers stand proud. After all, nearly 30,000 books await readers and buyers during the three-day event.

Fiction books A to Z

And the benefit?

Friends raises money to support library programs, and readers take home bargains to last them through the year.

The best reward, for us, though, is seeing happy, soon-to-be readers proud of their purchases in hand!

Rusha and Bert Sams

This post is one of a series of one-word prompts for April 2020 called Discover Prompts by WordPress. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Discover Prompt 14: Books for Sale

  1. jml297

    What a great post! Throughout the year there are about half a dozen book fairs across the northern suburbs of Sydney run by Lifeline, a great not-for-profit organisation that helps people in need. We love these fairs and attend them with bags ready to be filled with great discoveries on whatever interests us at the time. It was interesting to see the work that goes in behind the scenes, as well as the joy that books bring to people. Thank you for sharing and for playing a part in this, and I’m sure everyone will be pleased when we can go book-hunting again ☺️

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We love putting on book sales, but they require lots of work. We do make money, though, and people are happy with their purchases. Thousands come to shop! Thanks for reading and commenting. And happy reading!!!

  2. Curt Mekemson

    Old and odd! Laughing. I resemble that. 🙂 Our Friends of the Library book sales are much smaller being a small community. The Friends, of which Peggy served as President for four years, also has it’s own book store, however, and sells books year around- except for now. It also has its storage facility/Book Barn that it opens up once a month for a $5 fill your grocery bag sale. Quite fun. While it’s closed now, Peggy has a key. So, if we get desperate… Grin. Thanks for the tour, Rusha. Impressive! –Curt

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We identified well with Old and Odd, now more than ever. In fact, if there could be a Shaggy and Unkempt category, we’d be at the head of the line. Perhaps our governor should designate salons as essential businesses! You and Peggy should come to our sake— it’s been rescheduled for late June and it’s pretty here that time of year. Hike the AT and check The Smokies!

  3. maritravel

    I would love to attend one of your book sales. Spending money on books is one of life’s great pleasures. The happy smiles on the faces of those children give me great hope for the future.

      1. Pit

        I don’t have as many “real” books here as I would like as I had to leave the vast majority of my books in Germany when I moved to the states. But I do have a lot of books on my Kindle.

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