Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

A density of blossoms: Tulip Poplar tree in spring

A density of blossoms: Tulip Poplar tree in spring

It’s only in early spring that Magnolia Soulangeana blooms in profusion.  But when delicate pink blossoms burst forth, that dense, full-on blooming is something not to be missed.

Early morning light offers barely pink, almost purplish color.

Early morning light offers barely pink, almost purplish color.

As the first pink starts to show, I brave early morning chill to note blooms in their infancy.  Sweater weather in East Tennessee with a sweet reward.

Open and reaching out -- announcing spring in East Tennessee.

Open and reaching out — a Magnolia Soulangeana announces spring in East Tennessee.

I stand underneath a mature tree in our neighborhood hoping to get a sidewise glimpse of lower branch blooms.  But mostly, I look upward, noting how barely-there morning light brightens the inner whites ensconced by outer pinks.

Looking closely at white inner petals and the pink veining on outer ones.

Looking closely at white inner petals and the pink veining on outer ones.

It’s a treat we give ourselves, those of us lucky enough to be near a Magnolia Soulangeana (that we locally call a Saucer Magnolia) in early spring.  A true reward for getting out and looking up.

My neighborhood treat: Magnolia Grandiflora in the spring!

My neighborhood treat: a Saucer Magnolia in the spring!


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27 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

  1. Tina Schell says:

    My favorite flower, beautifully captured. Ours here in Charleston are the creamy white variety and usually arrive in early May. I always look forward to seeing them bloom

  2. Such beautiful blossoms! I love spring time and the fresh smell of blossoms filling the air.

  3. I LOVE magnolia trees so it was such a treat to see your stunning photos this morning! Their short lived beauty adds to the drama of these magnificent flowers. Your photos are incredible.

    • We love these trees also. Lucky for us, we live in Knoxville where there are distinct Dogwood Arts trails through neighborhoods. If we take the trails before the dogwoods actually pop open, we’re rewarded with some of the early-blooming trees like redbuds and saucer magnolias. It’s been pretty this year!

  4. Moon says:

    Lovely photos! The last one is the most beautiful.

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  6. Stunningly beautiful, lucky you to have such a specimen so close.
    [It looks more like Magnolia Soulangeana to me, grandiflora is usually cream-coloured with wide bowl-like flowers, mehttps://www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/10699/i-Magnolia-grandiflora-i/Details]

    • You’re so right!!! We have huge Southern Magnolias with creamy white flowers — and that may be Magnolia Grandiflora. I Googled “pink blossom trees” and one of the images came up that matched my tree with the name Magnolia Grandiflora. But since you’re noted that my tree is Soulangeana, I’ve found other pics that confirm your name. Thanks!!!!! It’s commonly called Saucer Magnolia round here, and that’s probably what I should have used. But I was trying to be oh, so correct. Didn’t work! Thanks again for setting me straight.

      • The internet is a minefield for plant naming and I use it all the time. I just happened to have worked in two places with giant Grandifloras, glad it was useful and that you didn’t mind.

  7. dawnkinster says:

    I was in AL last month where I drove by one of these in full bloom. I kept meaning to take photos but I never did. I’m glad you shared these!

  8. So pretty! We are expecting an April Fool’s snow storm this weekend, so I’ll have to keep revisiting this post to remind me spring will come.

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  10. Jodi says:

    ooooos and aaaaahhs! Such beauty!

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