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A sign posted on the Friends of the Knox County Library site on Twitter (@FriendsKCPL) got me thinking about Ailsa’s theme this week on her blog Where’s My BackpackTravel theme: History.

Norman Cousins quoteBecause we travel randomly at times, we stumble onto some of the most interesting sites just by accident. And so it was with great pleasure that we found a library filled with history in many ways.

Historic Rice Public Library in Kittery, Maine

Historic Rice Public Library in Kittery, Maine

The Rice Public Library in Kittery, Maine, is one of those quaint little buildings that begs to be seen.  We parked our car, headed into this sweet little 1889 Romanesque Revival building and proceeded to be charmed. (Immediately, our Southern accents gave us away as “foreigners,” but staff welcomed us warmly with an invitation to look around.)

Floor-to-ceiling shelves offer plenty of space for books in the Rice Public Library.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves offer plenty of space for books in the Rice Public Library.

For two people who love to read and travel, this was quite the find.  Beautiful woodwork, wide-plank floors, and nooks and crannies everywhere for reading, research and reflection.

Once Bert goes into a library, it's hard to get him out!

Once Bert goes into a library, it’s hard to get him out!

And here’s one more shameless promotion tied to this post.  September has been designated by the American Library Association (ALA) as Library Card Sign-up Month with Snoopy as the national spokesperson!


So, get a library card, search out a library of your choice, and let history come to life!

See you in the stacks!

For more information: 

Rice Public Library, 8 Wentworth Street, Kittery, Maine 03904; (207) 439-1553;

American Library Association’s Library Card Sign-up Month

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17 thoughts on “Travel theme: History

  1. Linda Arthur Tejera

    I just love these old libraries and so happy when they are preserved. I spent practically my whole childhood in our little town library (Brumback Library, Van Wert, Ohio). Turns out, if I remember correctly, it was the first county library in the country (opened 1901, I think). The Brumback family believed that everyone should have access to a library! I’m so glad! 🙂

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I’m so glad, too! I like that Brumback family . . . I’m on the Board of Directors for our county’s Friends of the Library. And part of our mission is to encourage all people to be like the Brumbacks. Don’t you wish everyone would take advantage of the free books, computers, CDs, paperbacks, etc.? It’s a treasure trove!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      What a neat town in which to learn how to be a teacher! With the scenery, background of so many writers and politicians in the area, and a captive (somewhat) audience at least during the winter, I would think you would have been a bright part of the learning process. Thanks for taking a look!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for taking a look at our post and this lovely library. I’m on the Board of our county library system, so I have a vested interest in these institutions now. So, when we travel, I tell Bert to brake for libraries! So much fun to see what’s inside — the same yet different.

  2. Traveller Soul

    What a beautiful building (exterior) and stunning (interior)

    Oh how I love libraries! They house a wealth of information found in books and best of all? It’s FREE!

    No need to be a millionaire but if you read great material you will end up feeling like one 🙂

    In all the cities and countries I visit around the world, I always make an impromptu stop to enter the halls of wisdom and take photographs so that I remember it later!

    As an educator and avid book reader, I simply can’t stress enough the importance of books. They are vitamins for the mind.

    We’re here to learn, so let’s soak up information and share it with others.

    I totally support the initiative by the American Library Association and hope that more curious minds sign up 🙂


    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We are kindred spirits. I, too, am in love with libraries and have fond memories not only of the brick-and-mortar buildings but also the bookmobile that came to my rural town! I hope they live on for a long, long time.

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