Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

In 2013 during our Viking River Cruise in China, we gazed at this scene: the Pudong from The Bund in Shanghai.  We marveled at tall buildings, some still under construction, all with futuristic designs and accommodations for millions of workers and visitors in this part of the world.

Sundown view of a futuristic area of Shanghai:  Pudong

Sundown view of a futuristic area of Shanghai: Pudong

For those of you who have traveled here since 2013, the future has unfolded in unprecedented ways:  completed towers, additional lighting, sightseeing tours, and, perhaps, total occupancy of a complex that might have seemed spacious to begin with but now is at capacity.  I don’t know the future of Shanghai.  No one does.  But, at present, it makes me want to return once more to see what’s going on in my lifetime and only guess at what the future holds.

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