Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

I haven’t taken a class — not a real one with homework, at least — in oh, about 30 years.  So, you can imagine my state of mind this weekend as I attempted to satisfy the requirements of a non-credit photography class.  That’s right — a person who didn’t know an ISO from a White Balance is attempting to improve her picture-taking just a wee bit. In over my head?  Possibly. At the least feeling a bit frazzled and frustrated.

So, here’s one assignment I worked on this weekend: Take a variety of pictures to demonstrate line, shape, form, texture, and luminance.  Here’s what I’ve gotten so far.


Lines in an old rush chairseat

Lines converge in an old rush chair seat.


The shape of a weathered, old buoy.

The shape of a weathered, old buoy.


Always recognizable -- the form of a conch shell

Always recognizable — the form of a conch shell


A weathered birdhouse ready for new residents.

A weathered birdhouse ready for new residents.


Bathroom towels welcoming the sun.

Bathroom towels welcoming the sun.

Not bad for a start.  But oh, how I wish I knew PhotoShop!  Maybe next semester.

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31 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

  1. Wonderful shots, Rusha. I just point and shoot, so maybe one day I’ll get around to doing a course too. I’m sure there is so much to learn. 🙂

    • There absolutely is a lot to learn. I’ve tried using Manual only, but it’s not easy. I take a picture, look at it, adjust the light, etc. But it takes time. I’m hoping I get better soon, because I just may revert to using Automatic!! Thanks for your comment.

      • One day when I really have some spare time, I’ll get down to reading the thick manual which came with our camera. At the moment, I haven’t the faintest idea which of the multitude of packing boxes it’s in. 🙂

  2. These are great photos, I love the converging lines in the first photo.

  3. These are lovely and hit each theme perfectly! Photoshop will never give you a better eye for subject and composition. We think you nailed it!!

  4. Amy says:

    Well done, Rush! Love the last on especially! 🙂

  5. Jodi says:

    I hear ya! These are great photos! I want to learn photoshop too!!!

    • I’ve thought about taking a follow-up course led by my current instructor on PhotoShop. But sometimes I get so buried in keeping the current photos organized, I’m not sure how I would find time for one more wrinkle in the whole photography thing. I’m pondering what to do next! Thanks for joining the discussion!

  6. Pat yourself on the back, friend. Way to go!

  7. Ex teacher says, “You get an A!”

  8. Rusha gets an A+ in my book! Lovely photos indeed and perfect for the theme! 😀

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  10. leannenz says:

    I love the picture of the shell!

  11. I’m glad not to be the only one frazzled by photography classes after all these years! I think you’re doing very well! Great job!

  12. Dawn says:

    These are good. What would you change if you knew photoshop? Do you have it on your computer? You can play with it without knowing much. I always save the edited photos by labeling them as edited so that I keep the original. But these are good as is. I don’t know how to white balance either, I know what ISO is, but not how to change it on my camera. So I sympathize with you!

    • Dawn, I’m not sure what I would change with PhotoShop, because I know so little about it. But my instructor is teaching the course next term. It’s tempting to take it. Of course, I have to shell out for the software. Thinking about it.

  13. Pit says:

    Excellent examples all of the chosen theme!

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