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Raw denim jeans from Marc Nelson Denim

Raw denim jeans from Marc Nelson Denim

Well, we probably all have denim jeans.  Ever since “who knows when,” they’ve become the staple of our wardrobes.  And ever since “who knows when,” they’ve gone through several iterations from dark to washed to torn and now all the way back to raw.

I’ve written before about Marc Nelson Denim, a relatively new Knoxville company that opened its doors for tours during the Dogwood Arts Festival.  And it was then that I found out just how much I love the fabric of their jeans.  Raw denim, it’s called.

Rolls of raw denim at Marc Nelson Denim ready for cutting and sewing.

Rolls of raw denim at Marc Nelson Denim ready for cutting and sewing.

It wears well, especially if you follow their (surprising to me) suggestions:  Wear them at least three months without washing so they’ll conform to your body.  And perhaps don’t even wash them at all.  Ever.  But if you do wash them, do NOT ever tumble dry. (So much for faded, pre-washed jeans.  Directions can be found here.)

But in this sea of blue denim, one fabric caught my attention:  whiskey-dyed denim.  With a soft hint of amber, these jeans have been tinted with Smooth Amber whiskey– a color and process that may be unique to Marc Nelson Denim.

As you know, however, we live in Big Orange Country, home of the Tennessee Vols.  So, I suspect the fabric of choice, at least in the fall around here, would be anything orange or white.

Orange and white jeans. Gotta have 'em in Big Orange country!

Orange and white jeans. Gotta have ’em in Big Orange country!

For more information on Marc Nelson Denim, click here.

For more fabric stories and shots, head over to Ailsa’s blog Where’s My Backpack for this week’s Travel theme: Fabric.

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12 Responses to Travel theme: Fabric

  1. Very interesting material and colors. If I’ve worn jeans for an hour or so, I’ve been known to wear then again for another short trip but then it’s into the wash. 🙂

  2. Jodi says:

    Interesting. But need to wash. Lol

  3. Touring NH says:

    I’ve never heard of not washing your jeans, but I have heard of putting them on straight out of the washer and letting them dry on your body for a more conforming fit. You certainly wouldn’t loose someone wearing those orange jeans!

  4. Tina Schell says:

    Agree the whiskey denim is very cool. But also agree, not sure I could go forever without washing!! I’m much too clumsy than that – spills happen!

  5. cindy knoke says:

    I like the amber whiskey color!

    • It is kinda interesting! But I’m not sure I could never wash my jeans. I love the colors and feel, but still thinking about whether or not I could go forever in the same pair!! Thanks for commenting. Hope your holiday celebrations are coming along nicely.

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