Travel theme: Old-fashioned

Shaving tools, antique

Collecting has always been fun for me, and, thanks to my dad who left me several old shaving tools, my collection of all things barbering has grown.  From a time gone by, shaving brushes, razors, and Old Spice mugs allow us a glimpse into bathrooms of old.

Antique shaving brushes

Old Spice mug filled with antique razors

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9 thoughts on “Travel theme: Old-fashioned

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks so much. It’s been fun combing through antiques shops and flea markets as we hunt for more shaving collectibles. We’ve maxed out our room for these things, though. And now just enjoy the spoils of the hunt!

  1. susan@marsha'sbungalow

    They aren’t old, or old-fashioned, but I unintentionally bring back bags from everywhere I go, then I just can’t throw them out. Tiny blue cellophane from the Acropolis, paper bag from the grocery store in Bulgaria. It’s fun to see what brings us meaning after we’re home.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Love the idea of bringing home bags. We, too, love the bags, especially the ones with the names of stores we enjoyed or with foreign writing on them. Mostly we tend to give them away with gifts we bring back, but it would be fun to collect and then do something with them. Or not. Maybe just taking a look at them would remind you of good times. Thanks for replying!

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