Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

Bud -- Saucer Magnolia

Tiny bud of a Saucer Magnolia


From bud to full opening, the glory of this flower — called Saucer Magnolia, Chinese Magnolia, Japanese Magnolia — comes upon us quickly and lasts only a few, albeit fabulous, days.  All too often, brisk winds and sudden drops in temperature take their toll, and the glory fades sooner than the already short bloom time allows.  But oh, what a joy to drive through Knoxville, pointing out full-blown specimens and reveling in their ephemeral charm!

Almost open -- Saucer Magnolia

Almost open — Saucer Magnolia, Knoxville, Tennessee


Morning dew -- Saucer Magnolia

Morning after a spring rain — Saucer Magnolia


Mature beauty -- Saucer Magnolia

Ephemeral beauty — a Saucer Magnolia, Knoxville, Tennessee


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27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

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  3. CanadianTravelBugs

    Amazing photos…. wow love them!
    Our magnolias in Shanghai were extra short lived this year 🙁 I posted them last week for Fresh and the next night we had a cold snap and they went brown. Shame since they are so lovely.

      1. CanadianTravelBugs

        Oh that happened here in Shanghai too. We finally had warm weather and the magnolias opened then the cold snap turned them all brown. Shame because they are so beautiful and short lived.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We love seeing these bloom each year, but they don’t last long. In fact, these were snapped away last night by a freeze, so I’m glad I got out and took the pictures when I did. Thanks for the comment.

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