Travel theme: Doorways

Doorway at Fort Clinch State Park

Bert takes a look at a doorway in Fort Clinch.

While roaming through Fort Clinch State Park at Fernandina Beach, Florida, on a weekend when re-enactors were not only in costume but also in character, Bert wandered into a spacious room to take a look at an intriguing doorway.  The “guard” moved in, seizing the moment to talk about the prison cell behind the door.

Fort Clinch State Park, Fernandina Beach, Florida

Bert takes a closer look, peering into the darkness.

The authentically clothed guard then asked Bert if he’d like to go inside the cell.  Bert hesitated.  But then compelled by his curiosity and the guard’s insistence, my innocent husband wandered in.

How does it feel in there?  A little small?

How does it feel in there? A little small?

Immediately, the guard closed the door explaining that he wanted Bert to get the “full experience” of being jailed.  Of course, the guard assured him, you do have this little peep hole at the top and a slot where we’ll most assuredly shove your daily ration of bread!

Moral:  Beware of doorways in old prisons.  You never know when it just might be your turn to be on the “other side.”

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14 Responses to Travel theme: Doorways

  1. I would have been hesitant too! Was it a bit creepy?

  2. Not a good place for claustrophobia. 🙂 –Curt

  3. Did they let Bert out again afterwards, Rusha?! 😉

  4. What a tour…
    I forgot this challenge anyway!
    *searching my photo stocks*

  5. These are the best kinds of tours.

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