Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Seeing Old North Church at 193 Salem Street in the north end of Boston was on our list of sites to see when we cheered on our friend running the Boston Marathon.  Known as the church where Paul Revere issued his now-famous phrase “One if by land, two if by sea,” this house of worship has become not only a religious icon but a historical one as well.

Old North Church, Boston

Interior of Old North Church, Boston, Massachusetts

Pristine white walls and original wooden pews arranged in box formation represent fine early American architecture and a quiet spot for contemplation even as hundreds of tourists and worshipers move through the sanctuary reading the name plates and examining the arched windows, needlepoint kneeling benches, and plaques bearing names of forefathers.

The Third Lantern

The Third Lantern, Old North Church, Boston.

But in 1975, an addition to the church in the form of a lantern became a sign of hope known as the Third Lantern.  The inscription on the plaque nearby reads as follows:

The Third Lantern

On the two-hundredth anniversary of the hanging of the two signal lanterns, April 18th, 1975, President Gerald Ford dedicated the Third Lantern.  Meant to inspire hope as the United States entered its third century, it remains lit today as a symbol for continued peace and prosperity.  

The Third Lantern hangs in the Newman Window at the end of the right aisle. 

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

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  2. Tina Schell

    Lovely choice Rusha. Have been there many times as my husband is from Boston and still has family there, but must admit never knew about the 3rd lantern!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      We were totally surprised — but pleasantly surprised. What a lovely idea though! The lantern and the plaque are tastefully done, and the idea of a third lantern just seems appropriate. You’ll have to look for it if you ever go back.

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