Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

A drive from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Greenbelt, Maryland, up Interstate 81 or old Highway 11 can make for a delightful trip: rolling fields and barns compete with historic homes to dot the fresh, early summer landscape with the usual pretty sights.  But sometimes some surprising extras crop up, and we’re sharing a few we saw this week for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra.

1.  Huge, weathered guitar along Highway 81 near Bristol, Tennessee.  (You can see it from the rest area across the street.)

Roadside guitar


2.  Pink Cadillac Diner along Highway 11 (Lee Highway) near Natural Bridge, Virginia.  The restaurant is pink, the Cadillac parked out front is pink, but King Kong is raging black!  An extra treat, don’t you think?

Pink Cadillac Diner

King Kong -- Pink Cadillac Diner

3.  An iconic ice cream shop — Carl’s— where folks in Fredericksburg, Virginia, form long lines to order the only three flavors on the menu:  vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  (And no wonder.  It’s EXTRA creamy!)

Carl's Diner, Fredericksburg, VA


4.  And at our B&B  in Fredericksburg, Virginia, (Lavender Heights), this little extra flew in. Maybe the birds thought they had exclusive rights to the house in the cottage gardens, but not so much.  A wasp was looking for a place to call home, too! (Just roll out an extra cot?)

Wasp looking for a home

For more little extras — or maybe some big ones, too — click here for the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:  Extra, Extra.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

  1. Plott Hound

    I am hoping to connect with the photographer of one of the photos listed. I stumbled upon and wanted to inquire about using it for some album artwork for an upcoming record. If you are the photographer and have the rights to the picture could you please email me at theplotthounds@gmail.com (I am speaking about the rustic guitar sign on highway 81). Thanks! – Noah

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      So glad we’ve connected. Your album cover looks fantastic, if I say so myself! For other readers, check out The Plott Hounds on Instagram or Facebook to see how they’ve taken my guitar picture and created a cool album cover with it!!! Best wishes for much success!

  2. thistlecovefarm

    Great photos…I see the gee-tar (as they say around here) every time I go to Tri-Cities Airport.

    1. Rusha Sams

      It was fun to see this. When we were headed east, I saw it but not fast enough. Then when we came back, I realized I could photograph it from the rest area! It’s fun come see road art!! Thanks for commenting.

    1. Rusha Sams

      Really! I didn’t realize you were from Fredericksburg. Carl’s was the first location our B&B owner circled. She said, “You MUST go there”!!! If I lived a block away, it would be hard to pass up on a daily basis! (By the way, we loved your town and the battlefield tours.)

      1. Kevin Brent

        It is hard to pass up. But, we have to catch it before that long line forms up. Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoyed them. We used to have other places like Carl’s. Old-style Drive-in’s where they brought food out to you, etc. Carl’s is really the last man standing…lol

  3. suzjones

    One of our dream holidays is driving the Old Route 66 and making detours along side roads. That’s where we hope to see the ‘real’ U.S. 🙂

  4. Rusha Sams

    You’re right about quirky things. We call it Roadside America. And if you tour the states by car and get onto the highways rather than the interstate, you’re bound to see something that will catch your attention! Thanks for reading.

  5. Mabel Kwong

    These are great shots! Such a creative interpretation of this week’s challenge. I liked the King Kong shots best, as I love monkeys and apes! Would love to pose for a photo beside it. I’ve never been to the States, but it seems that driving along the highways you get to see a lot of quirky things 🙂

    1. Tina Schell

      OMG Rusha, that guitar is hysterical. Don’t you wonder when you see things like that what they heck were they thinking?! Di they REALLY think that would work as a tourist attraction! LOL. Did you eat the ice cream?

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