Travel theme: Clean

Ailsa who blogs at Where’s My Backpack? selected a theme this week that immediately brought to mind some of the daily routines we saw in Nepal: Travel theme: Clean.  As we observed various methods people used to keep clean, we reflected on our own culture and lifestyle.

The Habitat for Humanity house we worked on was situated on a steep mountainside on plot of land belonging to one family; therefore, several houses stood alongside each other on a ridge.  At the base of the mountain was a stream where family members gathered to do laundry and fill jugs with water.

This photo shows the grandmother doing her laundry after she had bathed and re-wrapped her garments around herself.

Woman in Nepal filling jug with water

Woman in Nepal filling jug with water from stream at base of mountain

Then she slowly, painstakingly, climbed back up the mountain with laundry in tow and a jug of heavy water on her hip.

Woman carrying laundry and jug of water

Woman carrying laundry and jug of water

We watched briefly as another family did their laundry in a small body of water and then afterwards spread their clean clothes out to dry.

Family doing laundry in Nepal

Family doing laundry in Nepal

On a hike we took to a monastery one day, we saw this woman bathing at the public bath. We couldn’t help but wonder how cold that water must be, yet so necessary to keeping clean.

Woman in Nepal bathing in public bath area

Woman in Nepal bathing in public bath area

As we hiked further, we saw another woman finishing her bath alongside the trail.  She seemed quite skilled at bathing and cleaning herself without ever revealing much of her body.  A series of wrappings and re-wrappings helped her preserve her dignity and privacy.

Woman in Nepal bathing alongside hiking trail

Woman in Nepal bathing alongside hiking trail

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10 thoughts on “Travel theme: Clean

  1. Supriya

    All valid comments. There are a lot of things that folks in the developed nations take for granted – like clean water & good education. I know this first hand, coz I have lived in both places. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Thanks for commenting on this blog post. I am just now seeing your reply for some reason. It was eye-opening for us to see how much cleanliness means to people all over the world, but they don’t always have the means to bathe the way we do. I’m more appreciative of what I have, for sure.

  2. LuAnn

    Having clean water that comes out of a faucet seems like such a luxury after reading your post, and most certainly is when compared to so many other places in the world.

    1. Rusha Sams

      You are so right. I was amazed at what the women did to stay clean, and now that I’ve lived my life in America, I’m not sure I would adapt to their lifestyle very well. Thanks for reading!

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