Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

A threshold can be symbolic of the beginning of a new venture. Or a threshold can be a doorway through which one can pass.  This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold brought to mind three images from our trip to Nepal where building a Habitat for Humanity house became the threshold of a new life for one family and an unforgettable adventure for us.

First, as tourists in Bhaktapur, we snapped this early-morning photo of a woman standing on the threshold of her home, broom in hand, preparing for Sunday visitors who might pass through her village.Woman on threshold in Bhaktapur

Second, when we arrived two days later at the site of the Habitat build, two women next to our vacant lot stood upon the threshold of their brother’s house  — watching and waiting — anxious to see what we were all about.

Women in doorway in Nepal

Finally, when our two weeks of work ended, we stood at the threshold of the home we had built — adorned with celebratory strings of marigolds and touches of red on our foreheads thinking of the future for the family who would live here.

Standing at doorway in Nepal

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

  1. ventisqueras

    splendide foto e grandi pensieri, sono così belli questi luoghi semplici , così sorridenti i visi
    grazie di averli condivisi
    buon giorno
    great pictures and great thoughts, are so beautiful these simple places, so smiling faces
    Thank you to have shared
    good morning

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      1. mithriluna

        Haha. Less facebook time. 🙂 It’s a creative outlet for me that my husband and kids support. Thanks for your kind words.
        I looked around your blog too and I am amazed at your adventures! My husband and I hope to travel when he (someday) retires.

    1. Rusha Sams

      I couldn’t help but smile after I loaded these pictures into the blog. And I had just spent about half an hour going through other pics and reliving memories! So glad we went. So glad you were with us. Join us in Africa in August!

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