Boise Fry Company: Fries with burgers on the side!

Boise Fry CompanyAs work in Idaho schools comes to an end this year, we wanted to wrap up our series on the Inland Northwest with a few posts on some of our favorite places to see and eat in Boise, McCall, and Idaho City. And what would make a better start on this journey than a place serving Idaho’s signature food:  potatoes?!

Boise Fry Company fries

A pile of fries from Boise Fry Company

Luckily, my husband Bert had lunch with a friend who lives in Boise while I was working — and then, as good husbands do, he took me to that same place the very next day:  Boise Fry Company!  Now you’ve heard of burger joints with fries on the side, right?  Well, not here.  Fries are the main attraction!

Potato menu -- Boise Fry Company

Be sure to check the daily menu for fries and how they’re prepared.

You line up at the counter and stand there reading the chalkboard.  (So many taters, so little time, if you ask me.) Available varieties for the day are listed along with suggested prep styles.  (Just pick one.  They’re probably all good.)

Order here at Boise Fry Company

Order here!

In fact the website says, For too long restaurants have persecuted fries, treated them like second-class citizens, stuffed them with chemicals and preservatives and forced them to share fryers with hot wings and corn dogs. And why? Have not these beautiful, slender pieces of fried vegetable graciously accompanied entrées without condition or prejudice? Have not fries comforted, satiated, and delighted us? Are fries not entrée worthy? 

Burgers on the side

Burgers are on the side at Boise Fry Company!

And we think they are.  But burgers on the side at Boise Fry Company are special, too.  You have your choice of free-range, grass-fed beef or bison burgers.  Or you can try the vegan burger made with black beans and high protein quinoa.  All are served on homemade wholewheat potato buns baked fresh every day.

Burger options

Burger options — from beef to bison to vegan!

Taylor and Zach walked us through the ordering part.  (Guess they’re used to “foreigners.”)

Taylor and Zach -- Boise Fry Company

Taylor and Zach understood our order — Southern accents and all!

But that’s just a start.  You then take your fries to the bar where sauces await.

Sauce bar -- Boise Fry Company

Sauce bar — Boise Fry Company. (Yes, they have plain ol’ ketchup, too!)

And you’re still not through.  A line of shakers a yard long multiplies the options, making the act of deciding almost impossible.  So do as we did: try a little of a lot of them.  No telling what you’ll end up with, but it’s bound to be good.

Salt shakers -- Boise Fry Company

Choices, choices, choices — all lined up

Boise Fry Company — where fries are fresh and crisp (peanut oil, they say) — and big, juicy burgers sit on the sidelines. With three locations in Boise and a food truck, too, you have no excuse for missing out on this Idaho fave.  (Couldn’t they take a road trip to Tennessee?)

Boise Fry Company


Twitter: @BoiseFryCo

More to come on what to see and do in Boise — so check back with us at Oh, the Places We See.  For all our posts on Idaho and Washington, go to the Page at the top: Inland Northwest.



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    1. Rusha Sams

      I thought the same thing, but the more I considered it, we could really use a great fry place in Knoxville! Of course, we might not have fresh Idaho potatoes, but a bowl of taters might be good even with Tennessee taters! Thanks for reading!

    1. Rusha Sams

      Great! I would love to have one of these closer to where I live. Although I don’t eat fried foods very often, there’s always a splurge day in there somewhere!!!

    1. Rusha Sams

      I didn’t try the bison burgers, but someone at the table next to me said they were good. You’re right, though. It’s something we ought to try!!! Thanks for reading!

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