A Word a Week Photo Challenge: WAITING

If you have flown recently, you know that flights are scheduled for departure at ungodly early hours.  (At least it’s ungodly to me to leave at 5:15 AM!!!) But what I’ve noticed is this: airports — and travelers — are adapting to the new times, but it’s still a hurry-up-and-wait proposition!

For the Word a Week Photo Challenge: WAITING, here are Chicago O’Hare folks up and at ’em — yet waiting — at 6:00 AM this week!

1.  People waiting in line for hot coffee and pastries at Brioche Doree.  (Ya gotta have something to wake you up at 6, but I wonder what time the percolator got going!)

Brioche Duree, Chicago O'Hare Airport

2.  Some folks spent time checking their early-morning emails or eating a wrapped-in-paper breakfast in the waiting area.

Chicago O'Hare waiting area

3.  Others checked the departure status of their flight.

Chicago O'Hare -- People Waiting4.  And some just waited and waited and waited . . .

Waiting -- Chicago O'HareFor more posts on WAITING, click here for the Word a Week Challenge on the blog Word in Your Ear.

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