Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Taj Mahal, India

Nothing we saw on our trip to India was more grand than the grandest site of all — the Taj Mahal!

Perhaps it was the anticipation as people funneled themselves through the opening in anticipation of that first view that could only be seen on tiptoe.

crowds at Taj Mahal

Or perhaps it was not the massive structure that was so grand as it was the sum of its tiniest parts, the details that made us all wonder how this was conceived, built, and perfected.

Detail from Taj Mahal

Relief from Taj Mahal

Whatever it was and whatever it is, the grandness of the Taj draws thousands of people per day from all over the world to see it for themselves.

Finally making it through the entrance to take first pictures of the Taj Mahal!

Finally making it through the entrance to take first pictures of the Taj Mahal!

After all, it’s simply grand!


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28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

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  2. gallivance.net

    Such beautiful photos Rusha – and the perfect topic for “grand”! I love the inlaid stone work that adorns the Taj. When we were there we bought a small marble top that has similar inlaid stones, and since James is a geologist, they wrote a list of all the types of stones that they used. Even after all of our downsizing, we still have that little marble top. ~Terri

    1. Rusha Sams

      Would love to have a souvenir like that! The detail in that building is something to behold, even if I have no idea what it says or means. I know beauty when I see it, though!

    1. Rusha Sams

      I don’t have any statistics, but I think the guide told us there could be 30,000 most days. It was packed everywhere and difficult to get pictures. But still, what a great experience!

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