Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on The Golden Hour — that first or last hour of the day when we treasure the glow cast by the sun’s rays.  My husband and I have just returned from a trip to China, and on our last day in the Westin Shanghai Bund Center, I awoke (I have no idea why!) at 5:00 AM.  When I looked out at the skyline in the Pudong, I loved what I saw . . .  even through sleepy eyes!  In only 35 short minutes, the sky turned from gray to pink to a pale yellow.  A stunning sight halfway around the world from our home in Tennessee!

Disclaimer:  I’m looking out of a window, and not a very clean window at that!  But these images still attest to the power of The Golden Hour.

My first glimpse at morning in Shanghai from our hotel window.


Within minutes, the sky turned various shades of pink contrasting with the silhouettes of the buildings.


Shortly thereafter, the darkness above highlighted the white clouds beneath.


Here, just a small bit of light turned those upper dark clouds to pale gray.


And then the golden hour morphed into full daylight.


Down below, the day began for all who worked and vacationed in Shanghai, and the little dome glowed all on its own — at least for a few brief minutes.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Yes, Cindy, I guess there are little gold domes in many cities. We saw several in Russia, and I promised myself I wouldn’t forget the names of the mosques, cathedrals, etc. But I have. This one just sorta glowed, so I put it in. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. gallivance.net

    Very nice series of shots Rusha. I’ve always wanted to pick a nice spot and take a photo each week for a year, but I’v never managed to pull that one off. BTW, I’m anxious to hear all about your trip to China. ~James

    1. Rusha Sams

      I’m hoping to do a series of blog posts on China. Right now, I’m overwhelmed with the number of pictures we took, and where we saw what! Something will flesh out soon!

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