Fabulous Fall at Bellagio — It’s Vegas, Baby!

Call me old.  Call me silly.  Call me small-town girl gaping at the site of big-city Vegas.  And you’d be justified. It was my inaugural visit to Sin City, and I was wowed. Not by the casinos, the shows, and the glittering night life, but by the beauty. And at least one unexpected site: the Conservatory at Bellagio.

Bellagio has its own signature, of course . . . fab fountains delighting people from all over the world every 15 minutes.  (Click here for video!) Sprays, shoots and spews of water elegantly choreographed to music from operatic melodies to Broadway show tunes moved the onlookers to sing along while snapping pics in rapid succession.  (I should know.  I watched five shows in one day!)

Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas

Upon my arrival at the Bellagio back entrance, I passed by a delightful shop offering gelato, pastries and fine chocolates — draped with ethereal netting and decorated with pumpkins and ghoulish creatures.

Nothing ghoulish, however, about this chocolate fountain that attracted a lot of attention as pools overflowed into other pools continuously.

I passed by marbled hallways with velvet curtains, glittering chandeliers, and patterned rugs leading me to something totally unexpected:  the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens bursting with the colors of the 2012 Fall Harvest.

Taking a closer look at the elegance of Bellagio

Each pathway exposed different views: waterways lined with fall mums, tall trees, fountains, and pumpkins weighing anywhere from just a few to over 600 pounds!

Fall Harvest featuring giant pumpkins, birches, and autumn mums

People old and young gathered near the talking tree — a very popular backdrop for fall pictures to show the folks back home.

The talking tree sits among fall colors at Bellagio’s Conservatory.

I don’t know much about animated trees, but I have a feeling this is as good as it gets.

A rare moment when Bellagio’s Fall Harvest tree wasn’t surrounded by photo hounds.

A covered bridge ran down the center of the Conservatory lined with more pumpkins and fall colors.

The colors of fall surround the cover bridge in the center of Bellagio’s Conservatory.

And a larger-than-life scarecrow greeted guests, directing them to look beyond at the water wheel and “raining” tree.

Bellagio’s scarecrow with glass ceiling in the background

Later, I entered the lobby where the registration desk was dwarfed by huge arrangements of grapevine and fall flowers in elegant vases.

One of the fall arrangements at Bellagio’s registration desk.

Behind the desk, too, were more displays in an alcove resembling a courtyard in autumn. (But not any courtyard I’d ever seen!)

A view of the courtyard behind Bellagio’s registration desk.

For those of you who have visited Bellagio, you know the showstopper was, of course, Fiori de Como, a stunning chandelier by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.  Comprised of 2,000 hand-blown glass blossoms, the sculpture fills the 18-foot ceiling coffer with extraordinary bursts of color and artful arrangement.

Fiori de Como by Dale Chihuly in the lobby of Bellagio

Staying ’til nightfall gave me one more opportunity to catch one of the lighted shows and look beyond the fountains to the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas across the street.

Looking through Bellagio’s fountains at the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

Fall at Bellagio puts a whole new spin on what I thought was just a fancy hotel and casino.

The water wheel and “raining” tree at Bellagio’s Conservatory

The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens’ Fall Harvest lasts until November 24th.  Winter Holiday will be on display from December 2nd to January 5th, 2013.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for another trip to Vegas! Mmmmmm, that would be nice!

Bellagio Las Vegas

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall at Bellagio — It’s Vegas, Baby!

  1. cmmoxley

    Wow, that’s a fabulous post, Rusha! I love that talking tree! And the Chihuly! Wow! I wasn’t all that impressed with Las Vegas on my one and only visit. But you have inspired me to give it another look. Thanks.

    1. Rusha Sams

      I’ve always been fascinated by store windows (NYC, San Francisco, Chicago) decorated for the holidays, so I was very surprised with the extent to which Bellagio went to “do it up right” for Fall! May have a chance to work there in December — and I’ll definitely check out the Christmas decorations!

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