Art DeTour 2: Two Pines Pottery

You almost have to know where you’re going to find Two Pines Pottery, studio and shop of Janet Harper and Judy Brater

Drive slowly down winding Duncan Road in West Knoxville, past the family house, onto a curvy driveway and then stop.  You’re not at the door yet, but you can almost hear the quiet, the thinking, the work.

We parked and walked the pathway . . . down and around . . .

under the twig arch —  primitive, whimsical  — and strung with blue balls! 

We spied the curved wall topped with shards, tiles, bits of glass in a random, artsy mosaic — an almost Hobbit-like entrance for the place that artists work! 

Then the door opened. Potter Janet Harper (right) greeted my friend and shopping companion and her high school French teacher, Pat Medley!

And with hugs all around, we were in Two Pines Pottery where Janet and Judy bring clay to life!

The display room offered shelves of bowls, pitchers, platters, cups — diminutive to bold. 

Seeing where artists work is one of the goals of Art DeTour, a Dogwood Arts event.  Although idle today, the tools of the trade that Janet and Judy use told us about how they work the clay and shape their art.

Like these pieces that reminded me of linoleum block art — only with contemporary colors on clay . . .

And this stunning bowl . . .

And a unique little black and white two-piece thingy toddlin’ on four legs!

Pat purchased the sugar bowl and creamer (middle) to take to her home in Maine.

And I took home one of Judy’s creations — a little box with pink bird — now in my kitchen .  .  .  good for catching paper clips, coins, or Hershey’s kisses!

Janet wrapped up our purchases and bid us good-bye. 

And it was another interesting visit: an artist hamlet known as Two Pines Pottery!

Check back on this blog for my next Art DeTour !

Oh, the places we see!

Two Pines Pottery

Knoxville, TN 37919


Call for appointment.

For Judy Brater, contact or go to

2 thoughts on “Art DeTour 2: Two Pines Pottery

  1. Janet Harper

    Thanks for the great report on my pottery, Rusha. I just read your blog on the Fountain City Art Center DeTour…another wonderful story. I thought I would let you know that Sarah Weber is my cousin. She is so talented as was her late mother, Virginia Babelay. I am proud to claim her as my kinfolk!
    Also, enjoyed the Biscuit Festival blog. I was out of town for that and I will certainly plan to be there next year…EARLY.
    Take care,

    1. Rusha Sams

      Your comments mean so much! Not sure if I want to continue, so readership is important! I see that we will be at Blount Mansion on the 8th! You may be in another post!!

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