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Eclectic, creative, pure fun: the art of Peter Beerits at Nervous Nellie’s

If you’ve seen Nervous Nellie’s Jams and Jellies at tourist destinations and grocery stores all over Maine, you may have thought you’d seen it all.  And in some ways, you have.  Those made-in-small-batches jams cooked in a steam-jacketed kettle using … Continue reading

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Teachers can paint: Art Source 2015

Yes, teachers can paint.  And sculpt.  And put together interesting collages.  And all the while help little kids who spill paint, can’t think of anything to draw, and would not like to clean up even though the bell is about … Continue reading

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Old Meets New: Hunter Museum of American Art

It’s just stunning.  It really is.  Perched 80 feet above the Tennessee River with a commanding view of the city of Chattanooga, the Hunter Museum of American Art blends the architecture of a stately columned mansion with the sleek Gehry-like curves of a modern structure. … Continue reading

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