Done for the day: Portland Pier, Portland, Maine

Travel theme: Calm at Portland Pier

  Even the seagulls may have been surprised at the sunset calm on the waters.  Portland Pier buzzes with activity during the day, but when rays lengthen and urban waterside buildings glow with late-day light, a sense of calm falls over everyone. Even boats stand ready  —  and calm — while diners at J’s Oyster […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

Over the past few years, we’ve stood on some pretty impressive spots.  And, when we remember to look down, we’ve seen some mighty remarkable floors, stairwells, porches, etc.  Here are a few surfaces that we’re proud to say have recently been beneath our humble feet. Pittock Mansion, home of The Oregonian publisher, Henry Pittock and […]

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Neon sign in downtown Portland. We've been told the nose lights up at Christmas!!

20 Great Places to See: Northwest Oregon

As anyone knows, there are lots more than 20 great places to see in Northwest Oregon, but when you only have one week in paradise, you have to pick and choose.  Our trip began in Portland on the Fourth of July with sightseeing and food tasting for two whole days.  Then it was off to […]

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