Ladder Company 3 Fire Truck.

Discover Prompt 7: Below

A headline in our Knoxville News-Sentinel today announced: New York City’s death toll from the coronavirus rose past 3,200 on Tuesday, eclipsing the number killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11.” Associated Press What it means for those of us who are staying at home, watching the news intensely, and wondering if we really […]

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Window at American Girl NYC decorated for Christmas

Merry Christmas 2017

Our Christmas wish to you:  May your holidays be filled with family and friends and all the joys of the season. And just for fun, we’re adding a few 2015 photos we took  in New York City where twinkling store windows, festive colors, and people posing in Rockefeller Center made the holiday a little more […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Within one hour of landing in New York City and searching for lunch on the Upper West Side in December of 2015, we walked in to Jacob’s Pickles and were seated near a young couple at the same longish table in the front window.  (It’s not uncommon to share tables in the city’s space-challenged restaurants, […]

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Holiday stay in NYC? Try an apartment!

The first question we asked ourselves while considering a Christmas Holiday in NYC was this:  Can we afford to stay in the city at the busiest time of the year?  And the question remains a valid one.  In a city where real estate prices are outrageous, hotel stays can quickly wreck a travel budget. Although we’d […]

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Join us for a Christmas Holiday in NYC!

If you’ve always worked in December, as we have, and wished for a respite from your end-of-year demands, consider this:  Someday you may be retired with a chance to enjoy holiday travel.  And that would be us.  After almost 50 years of never taking a vacation during one of the most hectic months of the […]

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