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Summer’s Last Sip: Chillin’ Good Cook-Out Milkshake

Now, I don’t even pretend to be a Guy Fieri who knows every drive-in, diner, and dive across America and where to get the best milkshakes.  But I do know a GOOD milkshake, if I say so myself. I grew up in … Continue reading

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Ahoy, mates! Trader Joe’s has come ashore!

My second foray into Knoxville’s Grocery Wars occurred this past weekend when I ventured forth to the West Knox Trader Joe’s in Suburban Plaza Shopping Center!  I had to go there.  After all, I’d heard about Trader Joe’s since I took … Continue reading

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Cool Off 2012: Tic Toc Ice Cream Parlor

It’s been fun writing these blogs for Cool Off 2012, a review of area ice cream shops we love to patronize.  Selecting one as “the best” is not only difficult . . . it’s impossible.  They each have remarkable ice … Continue reading

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Cool Off 2012: Mayfield Dairy Farm

Ask almost anyone from Knoxville to Athens what color jug to look for if you want Mayfield’s milk, and they’ll answer YELLOW!  It’s the same with ice cream cartons, frozen novelties, even campaign posters for Mayfield Dairy Farm president Scottie … Continue reading

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Cool Off 2012: Razzleberry’s in Oak Ridge

Sometimes you just stumble onto good ice cream.  In a place you’ve never even heard of.  You see people licking drippy ice cream cones, and you’re hot, and you ask . . . Hey, where’d you get that?  And that’s how … Continue reading

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Cool Off 2012: Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

It’s unusual that we visit chain restaurants or chain ice cream shops or chain anything — we love to see what’s local! We want to find out who owns a Mom-and-Pop establishment and what they serve and what’s unique.  But Bruster’s Real Ice Cream — … Continue reading

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Cool Off 2012: Coolato Gelato

Ready for the second in a series of Cool Off 2012? We’re in Downtown Knoxville for another favorite place where lines can get long on hot days: Coolato Gelato. OK.  So I said I would write about ice cream for this … Continue reading

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Cool Off 2012: Original Freezo

It’s June 20th!  Summer has officially begun, according to the calendar. But in some places (Knoxville included) it began when the first convertibles went topless, and we started sweating at the half mile mark! So to keep your cool this … Continue reading

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