Chalk one up for fun: Dogwoods Arts 2014 — Chalk Walk

We are republishing this post on the 2014 Dogwoods Arts Chalk Walk since the 2015 event will take place this Saturday, April 11.  After you see these fabulous designs in chalk, we know you’ll want to be there on Market Square in Downtown Knoxville to see what the artists produce this year.  One of our favorite events at dogwood time!!

Chalk drawing by students at STEM Academy, Knoxville

Favorite entry in Chalk Walk 2014 by students of the STEM Academy.

It its sixth year at the Dogwood Arts Festival, Chalk Walk has again brought out artists young and old, amateur and professional to create ephemeral art from mere pieces of chalk.  Although last year’s Chalk Walk was mostly washed away by heavy rains only an hour or so after completion, this year’s event left lasting impressions in Krutch Park and Market Square downtown. Chalk Walk 2014 sign And the crowds loved it! Sidewalks were packed as viewers moved cautiously, elbow-to-elbow, careful not to disturb those carefully shaded areas of the designated, marked-off squares.

Chalk Walk is art.  But it’s also an event.  And this year’s combined the best:  great weather, huge crowd, fabulous art!

Artists at Work

The artists were as much fun to watch as they moved in closely or stood up to get a better idea of how the work was flowing.  Sometimes they talked to the crowd; sometimes they worked in silence.  We found it fascinating to watch an artist and then return an hour later to check on the progress.

Artists sometimes worked together to share chalk — whether the rainbow shades came in neat boxes or in sacks of leftover pieces like children use on home driveways.  Jerry’s Artarama donated some of the chalk, but we have a feeling that there could have been several runs to the store for more as artists wore the pieces down to nubs.

Chalk Walk: color selection

Artists worked together to select and share the right colors

Chalk Walk: Colorful bird

Sometimes we wondered if artists dressed to match their creations!

Chalk Walk: Artist using baby powder

Baby powder was the medium of choice for the faces in this entry.

Teamwork for Chalk Walk

Teamwork helped Faith McDaniel, Katy Rivers, and Sam Artman create this dancing lady piece.

Chalk Walk: Curtis Glover's entry

Curtis Glover dedicated his chalk drawings of the characters from Monsters, Inc., to his nephews, Anderson and Max.

Young Artists

Some of the best entries in the competition came from students.  Teams and soloists from area schools gave it their all in the hot sun — and made quite an impression with their creativity and detail.

Chalk Walk: Blue Grass Elementary

Taking a picture of the entry by students at Blue Grass Elementary.

Chalk Walk: Princess painting

Loved this picture even more when we discovered the artist was only 14 years old!

Chalk Walk: Entry from Vine Middle School

An eighth grade student from Vine Middle School worked on this creative drawing and then talked with us about what inspired her.

West High Students draw tiger

Sent a picture of this colorful tiger done by students at West High to the LSU fans in my family!

Chalk Walk: Summer Meiling finn

Summer Meiling Finn, the 2013 People’s Choice Award winner, won again this year in the Middle School category.

Personal Faves

Of course, any time you go to an event like this, you have some standouts. Here are the ones we remember most . . . just because we like them.

Portrait of a lady with artist

The artist evaluates the many shades of color in this portrait of a lady.

STEM students painting a dreamlike lady

Many hands — students from STEM Academy — worked on this dreamlike creation while the principal and teachers cheered them on!

Chalk Walk: Smokey

If you live in Knoxville and you love the Vols, you’ll crowd around (like just about everyone did) to snap a picture of their favorite hound dog, Smokey!

About the only thing I can remember drawing with chalk during my lifetime is a hop-scotch grid, so I’m thinking we just may have to join our granddaughter when she creates something special in our driveway this summer.  After all, if  you mess up a chalk drawing, so what?  It’s not like we could compete with the artists on Market Square.  They’re good.

Chalk Walk: Emerson quote

Emerson quote rang true with a lot of folks judging by the number of photos taken of it!

Chalk Walk 2014 was sponsored by Avanti Savoia.  Chairing this event were Kathy Slocum and Jim Dodson.

For more information, click here for the Dogwood Arts Festival Website.  You can also check out the history of street art as well as the winners in this year’s competition.

30 thoughts on “Chalk one up for fun: Dogwoods Arts 2014 — Chalk Walk

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Marion, it’s about as much fun seeing the studios as it is seeing the art. Love this whole event — just wish it were longer. Two days isn’t enough to get around town and talk to the artists. But what I see I love!

  1. Cheri Jorgenson

    Thanks for featuring our L&N art honor society work! We love this event and enjoy participating every year!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      This always is one of my favorite events. It lasts all day. Some of the artists stay in the sun or shade and paint hunched over the sidewalk. Hopefully, it’s worth it to them. It’s definitely a plus for us viewers!

    1. Rusha Sams

      You are so right. Some of them worked most of the day, and, of course, by the next day the clarity was diminished. It was still fun to see them even a few days later — lots of creativity, for sure!

  2. LuAnn

    These are fabulous. We found a similar festival when we were in Santa Barbara, CA a couple of years ago. There are some talented people out there! 🙂

    1. Rusha Sams

      These folks were very talented — the shading, contrasts, tiny details all made for great art! Thanks for reading. I’d love to go to Santa Barbara to make a comparison.

    1. Rusha Sams

      I was blown away by the vibrancy also. And the shading. Not sure I would go to that much trouble knowing that the painting wouldn’t last long, but artists poured their hearts into the work! Thanks for reading!

    1. Rusha Sams

      It was fun, and very crowded this year. So glad the city is turning out for these artist events. This one is becoming quite popular! Thanks for reading.

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