A Word a Week Challenge: Angle

When I saw the challenge word — ANGLE –this week from the blog A Word in Your Ear, I remembered this iconic cowboy we saw in Canyon, Texas. The bent-over figure with his elbow angled in the air seemed to say to me, “Howdy, ma’am.  Welcome to Texas!”

I’ve later discovered that the town of Canyon is holding a fundraiser to preserve this 47-foot cowboy named Tex Randall.  They want to restore Tex to his former glory and place him in a prominent location in a new park. It’s another angle I hadn’t considered:  the ongoing challenge of historic preservation. But wouldn’t you want to save this guy if he were in your town?  I would!

Save Tex Randall on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tex-Randall-Project/122697051112305

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Tex Randall, a Panhandle Icon

Tex Randall, a Panhandle Icon

For more information or to help preserve this cowboy, go to http://canyonmainstreet.com/newtex.html

2 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Angle

    1. Rusha Sams

      Thanks for taking a look at my post. When we saw this big cowboy looming over the horizon, I knew we had to get off the interstate and take a closer look!

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