Most Photographed Corner in Idaho City

Idaho City's famous house

Driving from Boise before dawn one morning for my inaugural visit to the high school in Idaho City, I listened carefully to my GPS lady as she told me to turn onto Main Street off Highway 21.  I did what she said.

Then in her matter-of-fact voice, she instructed:  In 200 feet, make a left onto Centerville. And that’s when I saw it.  It was a house.  No, an antique shop.  No, a pile of junk.  I really didn’t know what it was.  But I was running late.

Idaho City corner house

I hurried into the school, introduced myself to the superintendent, John MacFarlane, and then asked, What IS that on the corner of Main and Centerville? He smiled.  Even tilted his head back and chuckled a bit.

And then he replied, That’s the most photographed corner in Idaho City!

Corner in Idaho City, Idaho

At the end of the workday, I grabbed my camera and headed back to that corner — parked nearby, walked around and around alternately stooping to look below and standing on tiptoe to see what was “up top.” Each viewpoint became another Kodak moment.

Of course, I still have questions.  Who lived there?  How long has it been empty?  How could anyone work in there?  Where did all that “stuff” come from?  And now that I see it’s for sale (asking price was $300,000), Who would want to buy this thing?  And what would they do with it?

The House, Idaho CityI return in January.  And you can bet I’m gonna ask more questions.  It’s now my favorite corner, too — in Idaho City!

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This is post #30 (Yeah! The last!) for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) 2013. (I did it!)

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23 Responses to Most Photographed Corner in Idaho City

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  2. Reblogged this on Treasure Shoppe and commented:
    We are putting this location into our travel list.

    • Rusha Sams says:

      Thanks so much for this link!!! I appreciate the nod. You’ll enjoy Idaho City — like an old gunslinger town! But there is something new: a hot springs spa. Bring your suit!!! Happy travels.

  3. The superintendent didn’t elaborate? I have the same questions, only to mine, add, “how did I never see this place when I was driving to the school in Idaho City?” Not even once, I tell ya. Thanks for sharing these delightful photos. I look forward to more!

    • Rusha Sams says:

      You’ll have to go back to see this place. Or maybe buy it! I’ll be there in January, so I’ll see if it’s still for sale. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I doubt I’ll buy it. They get a lot of snow, and I really hate snow. I definitely will put it on my list for when I go back to that area and it’s not winter, though!

  4. What a photographers dream….I don’t think I could ever leave. LOL

    • Rusha Sams says:

      It was really a fun place to look at and photograph. Ill be going back in January, and Im hoping there will be snow covering it. Could be interesting!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. FreeRangeCow says:

    Con-NaBloPoMo-gratulations! I have never seen this corner in Idaho City. Thanks for another pin in the map!

    • Rusha Sams says:

      Ya gotta go! It’s interesting, to say the least. I hope to see it in the snow in January!!! A whole different take on the collectibles and the shape, for sure! Thanks for commenting!

    • Rusha Sams says:

      Thanks so much. It was definitely a challenge! Youll have to go see that corner in Idaho City. I agree with one of the bloggers who said it should be on a jigsaw puzzle!


  6. Wow! What an interesting place! That last picture would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

  7. suzjones says:

    Congratulations on your achievement in posting each day.
    I certainly love the photos you’ve shared of this corner. It probably has such a story to tell. Funny that the first thing I though when I saw this was “American Pickers” lol.

    • Rusha Sams says:

      I thought of American Pickers, too! But the more I think about it, I’m not sure I want someone to buy this place and “clean it up”!!! I love it just the way it is! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. vannillarock says:

    what a place to find!
    LOVE the falling snow on your blog- i want some of that!

    • Rusha Sams says:

      I think the snow just comes in on December 1st unless you turn it off from WordPress, but not sure. Last night, it just started snowing!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. Danny James says:

    Great shots! Welcome to the club.


    • Rusha Sams says:

      It was quite a find for me — I love antiques and the show American Pickers! So, I could see myself delving into all that stuff. Well, until I saw a snake or something! Thanks for commenting!

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