Lesotho and South Africa

On August 28, 2014, we left Tennessee to build a Habitat for Humanity house in Lesotho with 10 fellow workers. We planned to be there one week — digging, hauling, bonding concrete blocks with mud — until a home for one deserving family could be completed.  But an attempted coup to overthrow the government cut our trip short, forcing us to follow a mandate issued by the U. S. Embassy to evacuate the Kingdom of Lesotho.

And thus we began the second part of our journey — a tour of South Africa — a bit early, but oh, with the vigor of seasoned travelers hungry to drink in all the country has to offer. With stops in Johannesburg, Soweto, Clarens, Stellenbosch, Robben Island, and Cape Town, our band of 12 became absorbed in the intoxicating culture, scenery, and cuisine of South Africa. Hope you enjoy seeing the places we saw!

from “I Am an African” by Wayne Visser

I am an African

Not because I live on its soil

But because my soul is at home in Africa.

On safari

On safari at Thornybush Waterside Lodge, South Africa

Click on any of the links to read about our travels in South Africa.

A dream deferred:  Political unrest delays Habitat build in Lesotho

Global Village team in Lesotho

Global Village team with community supporters: Lesotho 2014.

Searching for blankets in Lesotho

My tapestry from Setsoto Design in Lesotho, woven by Maggie

My tapestry from Setsoto Design in Lesotho, woven by Maggie

Welcome news from Lesotho: Habitat house is complete!

Habitat House Lesotho

The Habitat house in Lesotho is finished! And we’re celebrating halfway around the world!

2 Responses to Lesotho and South Africa

  1. I have family in JoBerg and have had several failed attempts Im glad you got to see the beauty and meet the amazing people

    • We were in JoBerg for only a short time; however, we were able to go to a flea market, I guess you could call it, on Sunday in a parking garage. Loved what I bought there, and could have bought more if I didn’t have to watch the weight of my suitcase so closely. I’ll be writing more about South Africa soon. What an interesting place it is — a blend of modern and old world cultures.

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