We were fortunate.  Very fortunate.  We booked a Viking River Cruise called Imperial Jewels of China for July 1 to 17, 2013.  And what a trip it was!  Just click on the links to the posts about our experiences to see the people and sites we loved.

If you’ve been to China or want to go, let us hear from you.  It’s an amazing adventure no matter which way you learn about this country.  Thanks for visiting our blog.

It’s Panda-monium at the Beijing Zoo!


China’s reverently quiet Lama Temple


The Vastness of Tiananmen Square


Touring the Forbidden City, home of The Last Emperor


Fly over the Forbidden City?  Yes, you can!


Those Beijing Hat Guys!


Riding a slow boat in China at Beijing’s Summer Palace

IMG_1063What’s so great about the Great Wall?


What’s so great about the Great Wall (Part II)?


7 Responses to China

  1. click it AB says:

    Awesome Pictures and information. All the Best wishes for your blog.

  2. My parents love the Viking River Cruises, and are in fact on one right now, in Russia. 😉 They’ve also been on the Danube one, and are planning the China one soon.

    We visited China independently for about 6 weeks in 2008/9. We did Beijing, the Wall, Kunming, Xi’an, Lijiang and Dali. I’m a bit curious about how it’s changed since then… and would definitely like to head back to check out more of the Yunnan Province.

    • We also took the Russian cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Love it all! It was more relaxing than the China cruise, but more confining, I guess you could say. In China, we saw Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai mostly, but there were a couple of smaller cities, if you can call any city in China small!! Would go back to either place in a heartbeat!!!

  3. Rusha Sams says:

    You should feel very excited to have the opportunity of teaching abroad. I’ve thought numerous times about how much I might enjoy doing just that! The Chinese we met were wonderful, and we found that we could get around much better than we ever imagined. Best wishes to you in this new venture!

  4. It seems I did much of the same trip around Beijing in September 2010. I just accepted a job teaching English at a university in Nanning, and I am supposed to be in China by September 1. It’s a 10 month contract, and I really look forward to exploring the south of China over the next year. 🙂

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