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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries in Soweto

Nowhere have boundaries seemed more present, at least in our limited travels through the world, than in the town of Soweto, South Africa. As we rode in a van with our guide on a Sunday afternoon in Soweto searching for … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Colourful

We’re drawn to color — unabashedly bold colors, mixtures of mix-and-match colors, or just strong singular monotones.  So snapping photos dominated by colorful combinations has become as much a part of traveling and sightseeing as people-watching, which can be colorful … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Bountiful

We saw much in abundance during our travels in Lesotho and South Africa, but nothing stood out quite like oranges — big, heavy bags of oranges frequently stacked one on top of the other in roadside stands and vendor stalls. … Continue reading

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