Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Whitley as centenarian

A charming little centenarian!

Some lucky elementary students in Knoxville celebrated their 100th day of school this year by dressing as centenarians. Their paths to self-expression varied. Costumed little ones donned beards, wire-rimmed glasses, canes, etc., and paraded around the hallways as only tottering 100-year-olds can do. You could see ’em bent over, shuffling, and saying “Eh???” whenever their teachers attempted to get the attention of the aging set.

Some seemed destined to stroll fancy gardens or become Downton Abbey socialites with their broad-brimmed hats and fancy fur vests.

Stivers child dressed as 100

Wanna have fun with me today ? Eh?

Others used their recent Tooth Fairy activity to best advantage portraying toothless old ladies and gents.

Whitley's toothless grin

Might wanna stay away from the caramel apples, Granny!

And what about this cute pair of twins?  Reminds us a little of the aging Hollywood set with glamorous specs and a daring chapeau!

Williams' twins at 100

Pretty dapper couple, don’t you think?

Not sure how we’ll be expressing ourselves when (or if) we turn 100.  But sure hope we’re still having the fun these youngsters are!

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