Habitat Blitz 2012: On Sunday?

We’re getting accustomed to Blitzes for Habitat since Bert usually directs the parking, hammers a bit, and takes advantage of the food, drink, and music in the volunteer tent!  But when he said he was going to Silver Leaf, site of Habitat Blitz 2012 on Sunday, I had to see for myself what was going on. 

And the answer is — a lot!

Best we can calculate, this is the seventh multi-house blitz build by Knoxville Habitat, and ten houses are already in Silver Leaf subdivision off Skyline Drive.  Blitz 2012 runs from April 14 to dedication day on April 21 with six houses under construction.  When all completed, Silver Leaf should hold around 50 houses!

Sunday brings out the Crew Leaders (trained volunteers who lead those of us who barely know how to hammer or hang siding), House Leaders (covenant partner leaders who are in charge of one house), some dedicated volunteers, and Habitat staff who are in charge of well, everything — from T-shirts, to food donations, to band-aids and music (which some people like John Smartt say is deplorable and not helping the work situation, but that’s just John’s opinion)!

Running around somewhere were the Construction Staff for Knoxville Habitat for Humanity (KHFH): Tony Camesa, Dave Richardson, and Cliff Shadwell. (Tony told me emphatically that he did NOT want his picture taken!  He’s bigger and stronger, so I complied with his request!)


On this 80-degree afternoon, I found workers at each house mostly nailing down roofing material, but others were operating power saws, framing windows, leveling the first piece of siding, and sweeping!  After all, this was Day Two when exterior walls and interior studs hold up the trusses placed on Day One. 

Wanna see what a few of the “leader” types were doing on a Sunday? 

Jim Nixon practically begged me to take his picture and email it to his wife.  Please send this to Chris so she’ll know I’m working today! I obliged!  Jim’s no newcomer to hard work.  He’s carried heavy boxes for the Empty Stocking Fund recipients at Christmas and wielded a hammer many times for Habitat, so it was a pleasure to stand beside him and Terry Sproul and thank them for what they were doing on what could have been a leisurely day at home!


Jim Nixon — hammering, not hunting, today!


It’s a sweaty (but good) place to be – between Terry Sproul and Jim Nixon!


Greg McMillan (House Leader and former Chair of the KHFH Board) came off the roof to grab a board and say word or two to me: I’m really not scared of getting up on the roof, but I do get kinda dizzy looking down.  Have to get my bearings every now and then!

Others were grateful to pose for the camera and share what they were doing.


Don Loher and Bert swap tales and occasionally work, so they tell me!


Lynne Liddington, (worked with her on Women Builds before), finishes up for the day.


Phil Watson stands proudly with Shay, one of the homeowners.


John Smartt (See, I told you he didn’t like the music!) balances on the ladder to do some window work.


Tom Pfalzer and Debbie Widmann return to the Blitz after checking out rental property in downtown Knoxville. (They must have been reading my blog!)


Rukiya, another homeowner, loves her new porch. It catches the breeze just right!


Dick Graham, House Leader for Cedar Springs Presbyterian and Dave Richardson, KHFH Construction Leader, joke about who’s gonna talk to WBIR when they come to film!


Bob Stivers (Crew Leader) brought his son Rob to the site today.  Rob, father of three, says with a smile, This is a break for me!


And Jodi Price, KHFH Mortgage Manager, hands me a shirt so I can celebrate another successful Habitat Blitz Build!


Silver Leaf offers rolling hills and a panoramic view of the city — great property for homebuilding!

Dedication is this Saturday, April 21st at 10:00 in Silver Leaf. 


You’ll see some pretty terrific houses, but, more importantly, you’ll be touched by each and every terrific homeowner!  Building Habitat houses is a whole lot more than just building Habitat houses. For sure!

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2 Responses to Habitat Blitz 2012: On Sunday?

  1. cmmoxley says:

    Great seeing my buddies Jim Nixon and Lynne Liddington – and Bert and Rusha, of course – on this blog post! Way to go, everybody!

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