Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #132: Striped

Posts at Bellevue Landing, Royal Oak, MD

Every line tells its own story, even the very tentative ones.

Gillian Redwood

It’s been a striped world this past week with American flags waving in the wind at the Inauguration, so Leya’s interesting challenge is a welcome one: Striped and Checked. Although we don’t specifically search for stripes, we find patterns in architecture, lighting, and design that fit the bill — usually when we least expect them to pop up. Like the photo at the top — we spotted these weathered posts and their striped reflections in the waters near Bellevue Landing in Royal Oak, Maryland, while waiting for the ferry to take us to Oxford.

Similarly, rays of light cast stripes on stripes as shadows played against the covering of a balcony deck chair at The Cloister at Sea Island.

Striped cushions at The Cloister, Sea Island, GA

More shadow work: stripes on the wooden floor of Windsor Chairmakers in Lincolnville, Maine, contrast (and enhance) the rectangles along the wall.

Striped shadows at Windsor Chairmakers, Lincolnville ME

Lines of white rope fan outward as this Pawleys Island hammock holds on to precious cargo.

Pawleys Island Hammock, detail

And man-made lines of the 142-ft. tall Assateague Lighthouse in Assateague, Virginia, serve as a reminder to navigators that land is near.

Assateague Lighthouse, Assateague, VA

Finally, the juxtaposition of stripes in morning light at Taos Pueblo form a shadow teepee, if you will, fleeting though it may be.

Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico

They say stay in the lines, but there’s always something better on the other side. 

John Mayer

Line up and travel,

Rusha & Bert

For more stripes and checks, head to Leya’s post to see more entries. And if you want to contribute a post of your own, line up those stripes and add them to the mix. Be sure to include the tag Lens-Artists.

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #132: Striped

  1. Prior...

    really enjoyed the hand selected photos you chose – the extras with the shadows and bits of light were a bonus to the travel vibe and a bit of a quiet tone 😉

      1. Prior...

        nature does produce and an astute eye catches it – like you did –
        and these unique shots remind me of the wonder around us that many folks miss! ahhhh

  2. Toonsarah

    Great shadow images! My own personal favourite is the one of Taos Pueblo as it brought back good memories of our visit there 🙂 The shot of the hammock ropes is very effective too.

  3. Amy

    A very beautiful selections, Rusha! I, too, love how you captured shadows. It made these images very interest. Love the Lines of white rope especially.

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