Happy Eve of All Hallows’ Eve!

Spooky house -- Hwy. 11W in Tennessee

The house on 11W.

Driving down Hwy. 11W headed to Knoxville from our visit to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee — Bert driving, me staring at the landscape, poised to find great East Tennessee barns —   something caught my eye.  Not a barn.  Not a beautiful country house.  Not a farm.  Something creepy, seen in a flash.

Bert, pull over, I insisted.  (As you can imagine: Roll of eyes. Furtive glance in side mirror.)

Wish you could have told me earlier, he said as I grabbed the telephoto hoping for a shot.

Yeah, but I just saw this.  Not sure, but this may be the spookiest house we’ve ever seen, I explained in my best apologetic voice.

And so he did as he has done so many times to accommodate my crazy requests.  He turned around in a farmer’s driveway, pulled back out onto the highway, drove 11W the other way, and turned the car into a church parking lot for me to capture this house, this homestead, this whatever from the safety of a holy place — on a Sunday night during services even.  (I love this guy.)

So on this eve of All Hallows’ Eve, we give you a look at one chillin’ place on Hwy. 11W, unretouched.  And shot no closer than this.

I sure wasn’t going to the door to ask permission!

Happy Halloween,

Rusha and Bert

14 thoughts on “Happy Eve of All Hallows’ Eve!

  1. Touring NH

    Bert and my husband, Steve, could swap stories about driving around a photographer. Does Bert understand the simple statement “Wow, that would make a great shot” means stop or do you, like me, have to actually use the word “stop”? Love abandoned houses. I’ve been known to sneak into one or two. Always neat to see what’s been left behind.

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Well, my husband is very patient with my longing for shots of barns, homes, etc. But sometimes I have to say “Stop!” or he’ll just drive right on past. And then we have that well-you-should-have-said-something-earlier conversation! 🙂

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      I’ll have to say, in the last few years while we’ve traveled and I’ve enjoyed taking pics, he’s done a lot of turn-arounds! And moving forward, backward. And moving closer. It goes on and on!

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