Portland via Instagram!

Portland tour book and Passport book

Ever take a quick, unexpected trip?  Sure you have.  And we are, too.  Headed to Portland, Oregon, a city that’s been on our Bucket List for years.  Then on to the coast of Oregon for a few days!

Here's where we'll be!

And we’re trying something new.  We’ll be posting and writing (a tiny bit) via Instagram.  So, if you haven’t followed us yet, click here and join us.

July in Portland-and-beyond is in our future!

(By the way, we’re checking our blog site daily, so if you have suggestions for where to eat, what to see, etc., leave us a message!  We’ve had little time to plan, so we’re counting on you!)

10 thoughts on “Portland via Instagram!

    1. Oh, the Places We See

      Yay! I’m trying Instagram, because I have a hard time enjoying a trip and blogging at night. (Not that I do that that often.) So, we’ll see. Some other travel bloggers do it, so I’m givin’ it a try!

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