Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Old, rusty tractor

For us, the word relic seems linked to the phrase from the past. So, when we were driving through Spokane hunting for antique stores and came upon this farm relic from the past, we couldn’t resist stopping by for a closer look. Where had this old guy been?  What crops had it seen in better days?  What stories could it tell?  All unanswered queries, of course, but this old relic has present-day charm for those of us who love faded glory, peeling paint, and the encroachment of rust.  You just can’t beat relics of the past for reminding us that there were other times with other useful instruments, and some of what we know and use today will be relics in the future.

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About Oh, the Places We See

Met at University of Tennessee, been married for 47 years, and still passionate about travel whether we're volunteering with Habitat Global Village, combining work at Discovery with pleasure, or just seeing the world. Hope you'll join us as we try to see it all while we can!
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10 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

  1. I love this one. Amazing what the right angle does for something that would otherwise look half-dead.

  2. LuAnn says:

    Perfect choice for the challenge Rusha!

    • Rusha Sams says:

      Thanks so much! I love poking around antique stores, and this old tractor was right on the sidewalk just screaming out for me to take its picture! Glad you liked it!

  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    Perfect photo for this week’s challenge. A rusting tractor. It actually looks like it still has life in it, I think that’s because of the yellow colour it still proudly shows off. I would love to dry one of these things someday. I’m sure they still exist somewhere here in Melbourne, Australia, out in the outer suburbs 🙂

    • Rusha Sams says:

      I’ve never driven a tractor, either, but I’d love to. We saw several in the fields of The Palouse in eastern Washington state, and it didn’t look easy to navigate any of them. We also have lots of rusty farm implements here in America — and most have great stories to tell!! Thanks for commenting.

      • Mabel Kwong says:

        You’re right. Tractors are massive, and I think some driving experience would help you navigate one. Don’t know if you need a license to drive a tractor. I’m glad I stopped by this post – I learnt that tractors do still exist. Thanks for sharing, Rusha 🙂

  4. Old farm equipment makes a great photographic subject Rusha. In those days, implements weren’t abandoned until they were well and truly worn out. And then Mr. Rust takes over. I also love sculpture that is welded together from old farm equipment parts. ~James

    • Rusha Sams says:

      I love sculptures from old metal, too. We call it Yard Art sometimes. A guy brings funky pieces like that to the flea market and craft shows — dogs, cats, etc. Old stuff is good when redone. (Maybe that’s what old people need, too!)

  5. So very true, Rusha. I love your pictures of this relic. I wish I had been there with you to have taken some of my own.

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