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Rusha lives in Knoxville but hunts for great finds anywhere her travels take her!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

One of the joys of being a grandparent:  showing off the city you love with your granddaughter who still loves wherever you take her!!! Summer in the City of Knoxville from the Sunsphere’s Observation Deck!  Our version of summer lovin’! … Continue reading

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Morning walk creekside: Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Walking the beach at Pawleys Island when the sun begins its daily push skyward is breathtaking, for sure.  (Click here for Morning beach walk: Pawleys Island.)   But a search for other routes can net stunning views, too.  Pawleys has dual … Continue reading

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Morning beach walk: Pawleys Island, South Carolina

No matter how many years (more than 30 now), we’ve walked the beach at the South End of Pawleys Island, we never tire of the early morning spectacular.  Pawleys is our place.  Our home away from home.  Where for one … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Good stuff doesn’t just pour in at South Carolina’s State Farmers Market in Columbia.  It ‘s hauled in — in boxes, crates, cartons, baskets, truck beds, trailers — well, you name it.  Just about anything that can contain ‘maters, melons, … Continue reading

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Seven fun things to do with kids in downtown Spokane

If you’re lucky enough to be in downtown Spokane, Washington, (to paraphrase an old saying), then you’re lucky enough.  And indeed you are.  Because if you have kids in tow, there’s more than enough to see and do — all … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

For us, the word relic seems linked to the phrase from the past. So, when we were driving through Spokane hunting for antique stores and came upon this farm relic from the past, we couldn’t resist stopping by for a closer look. Where … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Decoration

Although constructed in the 16th century, Amer Palace (also pronounced and spelled Amber Fort) near Jaipur, India, is awash in colorful, well-preserved decoration — even today.  Incredible facades and niches bear intricately painted frescoes, panels of marble inlay, and reliefs like this … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Twist

We knew something was wrong when the captain of Delta Flight 380 from Knoxville to Atlanta said a mechanic was on his way.  A mechanical problem, he said matter-of-factly, and then he turned our plane (already on the runway) back … Continue reading

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People almost trump produce at Decatur, Alabama, Farmers Market

You go there for the veggies, right?  Plump, pretty, newly picked produce.  And it’s bountiful in Morgan County, Alabama.  But so are the friendly farmers who do themselves proud with colorful pickin’s and Southern pride to boot! It was one … Continue reading

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Day trippin’ at Palouse Falls State Park

There’s something about a waterfall.  Especially one that cascades 200 feet over a bold precipice, rushing to join the Snake River, eventually making its way through deep cuts of rock.  Perhaps it’s the rush of water.  Or the spray.  Or … Continue reading

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